The way that most people are working on their practices is wrong – totally wrong! I was just on the phone to Nicole earlier – she’s just joined my high end practice growth program and
Whether you’re a physio, podiatrist, osteo, chiro or any other health professional in fact, I know exactly how hard you’re working for those leads right now. It’s no doubt more competitive out there than ever
I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep a really close eye on what is driving your practice. In my opinion, KPI’s are really are the GPS of your business. They show you
Are you frustrated, stressed or just plain overwhelmed in your private practice? If you’re not getting the results you want, as fast as you want and you’re having to combat roadblocks all the time, then
I’m going to come right out and say it… The most expensive problem in private practice right now is poor retention. So why is this STILL the number one problem I see when I chat
Getting frustrated with your marketing plan? Taking up too much of your time and budget? Believe me, I've made more mistakes than all of you reading this combined when it comes to my marketing. I've
I work with a lot of healthcare practices scaling up. While they’re all in totally different situations, from my experience by far the best way to go from $1 million to $10 million is to
  Everyone knows that an awesome team is essential to any growing business. Great businesses are built upon great systems that are driven by exceptional teams. An exceptional team can take any business above and
Facebook Marketing doesn’t work… Have you heard this before? I hear this pretty often and it absolutely grind my gears. I get it, Facebook Marketing can be complicated and a real mystery to those outside
Do you want more control over your practice results right now? Having things under control, knowing what to measure, how to measure it and building that into your routine is crucial to your success. When
I’ve helped a lot of healthcare practices in my time. Believe me when I say I’ve seen my fair share of failed campaigns and strategies. Some of them are real doozies. And they are dire.
Have you ever found it frustrating that you’re always booked out, but you’re staff aren’t? It’s enough to drive you crazy. It used to happen to me all the time. Then I discovered the fix.
Setbacks are inevitable in business. Disappointments and distractions can make every day feel like a challenge. It can put the very best of us on the verge of wanting to quit. And it's true. The
Where do I start with Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is a massive beast. It’s hard to know which avenue to start with. I often get asked: ‘How do I get started with social
Are there Cracks in Your New Patient Pipeline? Don’t you hate it when your marketing campaign looks like it’s doing really well, yet you just don’t appear to be getting any new patients from it?
  Building a Culture that Drives Growth in 3 Steps If you've got a team, you'll know what it's like when you're not all firing on all eight cylinders at the same time. It's an