Everyone knows that an awesome team is essential to any growing business.

Great businesses are built upon great systems that are driven by exceptional teams.

An exceptional team can take any business above and beyond the vision you might have ever imagined.

I know this because it’s certainly true for me here at Practice Acceleration.

It’s no secret I love my team.

Everyone here is a genius in their own special area and with everyone putting in 100% they’re constantly reaching new heights.

But of course, having an awesome team isn’t just an automatic thing.

This week I was chatting to Craig who’s obviously jealous of my team (who wouldn’t be haha)

Craig asked me “Craig asked me “How do I get everyone on my team onto the same page?”

Well for Craig and anybody else wondering this – addressing this is essential in taking your practice to the next level.

So Craig is a physio practice owner with a large team, and there’s no doubt that’s part of the problem.

Working with a large team is really hard for anyone.

The back story on Craig is that he has 8 physios working for him, he is still practicing himself and he’s getting overwhelmed with all the different things to do.

I’m sure that’s a familiar feeling for most people out there feeling like everyone is pulling you in different directions.

That’s obviously not helping Craig, his movement or his team in hitting their goals and it’s zapping the fun they’re having from their work life.

You see, for a team to perform at a high level you need an amazing culture that supports everyone in already clearly defined roles.

If you don’t have clearly defined roles for everyone on your team they won’t know exactly what they’re meant to be doing and won’t understand what success looks like for them as well as everyone else.

Everyone needs to know exactly what success is, how to get there and what’s beyond.

A culture that inspires and self-perpetuates what you want everyone to be doing, is far more powerful, more fun and ultimately an easier way to manage.

It also ensures that everyone is on the same bus rather than having to micromanage processes.

Sculpting a culture to support you and grow itself is not a quick task, it takes dedication, time, strong leadership and perseverance.

Nobody’s team became awesome overnight, even mine.

So here’s a tip to get you started in turning your culture around ….

I call it the monthly focus theme.

Each month set a focus for what you want your business to achieve overall.

Clearly explain to your team in a 15min meeting what it is that you want to achieve, why that’s important and what it looks like when you achieve that goal.

Yes make it visual! People think in pictures, not words.

Some practice owners really neglect meeting with their team and I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Meeting with your team is vital in knowing where everyone is at and understanding how things are working or not working.

My team meet twice daily!

That might sound like a lot but it’s the best way to ensure open communication lines and success.

So to start you off… in this meeting, give everyone one to two action steps to perform and make sure that they clearly understand them.

Record all of the actions that everyone is to take for the month next to their name on a white board and let them know that at the end of the month everyone has to have their action ticked off.

Then set a coffee break each week where everyone can get together for 20 mins.

You won’t need longer than that.

In this time they can update each other on their progress and also ask for help if they need it to execute their task.

Everyone needs to know it’s more than ok to ask for help, it actually shows their committed to completing those actions and are focused on the job at hand.

At the end of the month, when you get together everyone who has done their task gets to tick this off on the whiteboard and you’ll know that everyone is winning together.

This is about doing a task rather than achieving an outcome – because we are setting up everyone to succeed easily.

Winning together is the best.

Meet with your team, find out how everyone has gone, and celebrate your wins together no matter how big or how small. They’re all important.

At Practice Acceleration we love to do this on a Friday before the weekend and it’s amazing to hear about just how much everyone has achieved.

Make the business wins team wins – because you’re all in this together!

We’re using peer accountability here so everyone is much more likely to achieve their goals because they don’t want to let the team down.

People are more than happy to let themselves down, they’re probably happy to let you down, but they don’t want to let each other down.

When everyone achieves their task, it gives your business a ton of momentum and energy and with repetition this results in a team culture where everyone works together and pulls together.

This works because the tasks you set are easy to execute especially at the beginning and it involves group accountability.

Sine you all have to work together the impact is that you get a much better culture, your team lift to a high level and your business results improve as a result of all of this.

So that’s my tip…

Run a monthly focus meeting with mini tasks, set up weekly update meetings and an accountability meeting each month.

Make it fun – bring food, coffee, whatever you need to make everyone engaged and have fun.

Make it fun – bring food, coffee, whatever you need to make everyone engaged and have fun.

Culture is king and this is a great way to start turning things around.

I want you to enjoy winning with your team, just as much as I do with mine!

If you apply this, you’ll notice a massive shift in results and mindset and momentum within just seven days.
It’s that fast.

You’ve now got my quick tips but perhaps you want to take things a step further?
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Take it apply and enjoy it.

I’d love to hear how you go with it.

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