Tristan Bond is the CEO and founder of He has lived in the trenches himself as a Physiotherapist and Healthcare Business Owner and is a renowned business authority on growing healthcare businesses. Tristan’s Market. Rebook. Manage.TM system has been used by every healthcare profession there is including Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Dentists, Osteopaths, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Veterinary Surgeons, Cosmetic Surgeons and even as far ranging as an Equine Osteopath.


It has been implemented by clinics ranging from solo start-up businesses to clients doing over 20M in annual revenue with over 160 staff members. He shows healthcare business owners how to create predictable, profitable, and scalable businesses that deliver more exceptional patient outcomes by installing his marketing, re-booking and management step-by-step frameworks in his coaching program. Since 2008, Tristan has been the go-to for healthcare business owners who want to earn more, work less clinically and build a real business that operates without depending on the owner’s time or effort.Tristan’s company, Practice Acceleration is the world’s largest Done With You coaching program with having helped over 2000 healthcare professionals with it’s well sought after proprietary methods. Tristan works with clients that understand that the way to their first and next 7 figures is via following a proven and tested method without re-inventing the wheel.

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Market. Rebook. Manage.™

The Practice Accelerator Method


Your healthcare business should provide you with profit and lifestyle freedom. After working with over 2000 healthcare practices worldwide from virtually every niche there is…we’ve broken it down into an exact formula with three core frameworks.

1. Marketing – Because without a proven and systematic way of generating new patients you’ll have a business that is entirely unpredictable.


2. Conversion and Rebooking – Because without a replicable, measurable and trainable patient rebooking process your business will be stop and start and you’ll always be stuck

3. Management and Leadership
– Because without a team driving your business you simply have a stressful job. And that’s not scaleable or saleable.


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“If you want to have more, you have to become more. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue will elude you; it can be like trying to chase butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become”

To succeed in your healthcare business, you need the right direction, the right strategy, the right tactics, and the right tools to make it happen. You need a step-by-step road map to master marketing, re-booking, sales, team management, hiring, training, leadership and scaling up. Once equipped with these ingredients, you have everything you need to achieve your goals and beyond. But without the most important ingredient of all, even with all of these tools, you’d simply be like a child behind the wheel of a Formula One car. Potential that goes nowhere.


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Before you attempt to make any of the changes, or adopt any of the strategies in this book, you must first commit to transforming yourself. To start thinking, acting and behaving differently. To becoming the version of you that you’ve always wanted to become, you just didn’t know how to or perhaps you didn’t give yourself permission to become, out of fear of potential judgement. You need to embody and own the right mindset to create massive and lasting success in your business and life.



“The ability to get New Patients on Demand is the ultimate super power”

Before you can help a single patient you must first be able to create demand for your services. It makes sense therefore, that marketing should be your number one priority. It should be at the absolute forefront of your mind.


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Imagine for a moment, that you were as skilled at marketing as you were at treating patients. Get that image in your mind.Don’t you think that would make a difference to your business? And let’s not stop there, don’t you think that would make a pretty big difference to your personal life?



“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer”

Marketing ignites your business, but your patient pipeline is the system that drives it forward. To build a successful healthcare business, you need a systemised service delivery model that gets consistent and predictable results. Whilst marketing gives you the opportunity to meet a new patient, it’s what happens after that matters the most. Think of it this way… Without retaining the patients generated by your marketing, your business won’t grow. If you don’t have a structured system for inquiry conversion, patient re-booking and next level recommendations then results will vary from day to day and person to person.

The result would be chaos. And that will not give you the income, control or lifestyle freedom that you seek.


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Now, imagine for a moment that you had a system, a patient pipeline that everyone on your team followed to convert every inquiry with precision, to create the same patient outcomes no matter who on your team was treating the patient, to recommend exactly what you wanted them to with ease. Imagine you went on holiday and whilst you were away, your marketing delivered new patients to your business every day, your team converted all the inquiries with confidence, everyone on your team recommended the same treatment that you would, re-booked them in the way that you would, and provided the same high level of service. Would that a difference to your business results? And what about the dependence of your business on you?



“Leadership is a skill that you must master. And it can be learnt”

Your team are your engine room. They are what drive your business forward everyday. To build a highly successful, engaged, aligned and responsive team you must become an effective, strong and respected manager and leader.Before you jump headfirst into the next three chapters which focus on the Practice Acceleration Management Frameworks, I want to share some truths with you so that you give the following chapters the respect that they and equally your business deserves.


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First of all, I want to drop some truth bombs to help you on your journey to build a scalable, predictable and controllable business. Here goes. Your team is your engine room and your management and leadership is what determines your team’s success. Everything that your team do is a direct result of you and your leadership. You either encourage it or enable it. It’s all on you. Even if you are not the manager personally, you are responsible for who you allow to become a manager and leader in your business. Everything comes back to you. You need to own everything that happens in your business.


Gabbie was stressed out, overwhelmed and out of control in her practice. she was working crazy hours and had to push herself to go to work each day. Now she loves where she works, has stopped working clinically and more than doubled her business.



Trevor was stuck, had no support, lack of culture in his team and felt alone in his business. Now, Trevor has gained complete clarity on his business’ future, control over his team and has reduced his clinical hours by 20-30 hours/mth. while doing this he has also added an extra 30k/mth to his practice without any marketing.



How Jenni went from working flat out with her practice 100% reliant on her, to growing a team, reducing her hours by 2 days per week and adding 144k to her practice.


Speech Pathologist

How Erin went from almost closing her business, to doubling her monthly revenue since joining practice acceleration. She added 10 new staff members and as a result has reduced her clinical hours and can now focus purely on growing her practice.



Helen and Rosie booked in 80 new patients
in just 3 days by installing a step by step email campaign.



Amy grew her podiatry practice by $80,000 per month and is now a strong leader and mentor for her team.





Hired new Physio so he can free up his time & his practice is fully booked!



2/3 Physios fully booked & doubled his monthly revenue
compared to the same time last year!


$10K up in monthly revenue compared to last month!


Hit $1 Million yearly revenue for the first time ever!



Monthly revenue up 30% compared to last month!


Up 37K in monthly revenue compared to the same time last year!


Up 20k in monthly revenue compared top the same time last year!


Biggest monthly income ever!


Hit $100K in monthly revenue for the first time ever!


Highest monthly revenue ever at both practice locations!


Best monthly revenue ever! 20% up compared to last month!
Plus cut out 18 hours from his treating diary!


Revenue up 50% compared to the same time last year!


Best monthly revenue ever!

Best monthly revenue ever!


Up 387% in revenue compared to the same time last year PLUS
she has already made 2/3 revenue of the year prior!


Hit monthly revenue target 3 days early!


Patient numbers up by 100/wk from the average number a month ago!


Reduced hours with a massive increase in profit!


Best monthly revenue ever!


Cracked $100k for the first time in a month!


Best monthly revenue ever 3 months in a row!


24K monthly profit with one physio down!


Increased revenue by 21.3% in 90 days!



Increased revenue by $10.6K over a 3 week period while
they have dramatically decreased their clinical hours


Workplace structure & culture is massively improving and she has added an extra $48K
in quarterly revenue while reducing clinical hours to 0!


Highest revenue for 2 months in a row and hired perfect fit physio!



$60K up in monthly revenue compared to the same time last year!


Best monthly revenue ever – up by over $15K!


Added OVER $1 Million in revenue for this financial year!


Up 167% in revenue PLUS dropped 12 clinical hours!


Biggest monthly revenue in 12 months!

Business has doubled in revenue since joining Practice Acceleration! 


Best month ever two months in a row!


Monthly revenue $20K up compared to last month!


Revenue up 30% compared to the same time last year!


Monthly revenue up $20K compared to the same time last year!


Monthly revenue up 155% in 4 months! Plus 32 bookings from an email marketing campaign!


Increased monthly revenue by $10K compared to last month!


Quarterly revenue up $25K from the year prior while all treating ours have been cut out from the diary!

Sent out Done -For- You email campaign and had a 94% open rate, 40 replies and 7 bookings in an hour!


All practitioners almost 100% booked!


Revenue increased by 157% with an increase in profit of 292%!


Best month for the year and up $13K in revenue compared to the previous year!


Got 84 bookings from my Done -For-You email marketing campaign!