The Alter Ego Effect



Who We Are, Specifically The Person We Bring To Our Various Fields Of Play And How We Perform, Is Heavily Influenced By External And Internal Factors. I Break These Groups Of Influence Into Four Layers That Surround Our Core Self.

The Field of Play is the area of context. In this layer, we’re influenced by our actual physical environment; the circumstances; the constraints; the people, places, and things that we interact with; and their expectations.


When you become more intentional about what characteristics will show up on an important Field of Play for you, you’ll activate creative energy powering a new level of performance.


Becoming clear about your intentions, identifying the benefits you get from an activity, and determining what you want to achieve on a Field of Play is what will help unlock your Heroic Self.


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The Alter Ego Effect



What Do You Want To: Start (Believing, Expecting, Feeling, Doing, Valuing Etc)… Do More Of (Believe More, Expect More, Feel More, Value More) And, Continue… (Believing, Expecting, Feeling, Valuing Etc)….

Once you know what you want, what do you need to believe in order to make those actions feel more effortless, joyful, or more comfortable? What do you need to expect about yourself or the Field of Play you’re standing on to make those changes happen?

And, what do you need to value about yourself, the world, the people you interact with, your skills, and your knowledge to feel more confident, decisive, enthusiastic, peaceful, optimistic, etc?


Gabbie was stressed out, overwhelmed and out of control in her practice. she was working crazy hours and had to push herself to go to work each day. Now she loves where she works, has stopped working clinically and more than doubled her business.



Trevor was stuck, had no support, lack of culture in his team and felt alone in his business. Now, Trevor has gained complete clarity on his business’ future, control over his team and has reduced his clinical hours by 20-30 hours/mth. while doing this he has also added an extra 30k/mth to his practice without any marketing.



How Jenni went from working flat out with her practice 100% reliant on her, to growing a team, reducing her hours by 2 days per week and adding 144k to her practice.


Speech Pathologist

How Erin went from almost closing her business, to doubling her monthly revenue since joining practice acceleration. She added 10 new staff members and as a result has reduced her clinical hours and can now focus purely on growing her practice.



Helen and Rosie booked in 80 new patients
in just 3 days by installing a step by step email campaign.



Amy grew her podiatry practice by $80,000 per month and is now a strong leader and mentor for her team.





Hired new Physio so he can free up his time & his practice is fully booked!



2/3 Physios fully booked & doubled his monthly revenue
compared to the same time last year!


$10K up in monthly revenue compared to last month!


Hit $1 Million yearly revenue for the first time ever!



Monthly revenue up 30% compared to last month!


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Biggest monthly income ever!


Hit $100K in monthly revenue for the first time ever!


Highest monthly revenue ever at both practice locations!


Best monthly revenue ever! 20% up compared to last month!
Plus cut out 18 hours from his treating diary!


Revenue up 50% compared to the same time last year!


Best monthly revenue ever!

Best monthly revenue ever!


Up 387% in revenue compared to the same time last year PLUS
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Patient numbers up by 100/wk from the average number a month ago!


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24K monthly profit with one physio down!


Increased revenue by 21.3% in 90 days!



Increased revenue by $10.6K over a 3 week period while
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Workplace structure & culture is massively improving and she has added an extra $48K
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Highest revenue for 2 months in a row and hired perfect fit physio!



$60K up in monthly revenue compared to the same time last year!


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Added OVER $1 Million in revenue for this financial year!


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Biggest monthly revenue in 12 months!

Business has doubled in revenue since joining Practice Acceleration! 


Best month ever two months in a row!


Monthly revenue $20K up compared to last month!


Revenue up 30% compared to the same time last year!


Monthly revenue up $20K compared to the same time last year!


Monthly revenue up 155% in 4 months! Plus 32 bookings from an email marketing campaign!


Increased monthly revenue by $10K compared to last month!


Quarterly revenue up $25K from the year prior while all treating ours have been cut out from the diary!

Sent out Done -For- You email campaign and had a 94% open rate, 40 replies and 7 bookings in an hour!


All practitioners almost 100% booked!


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