Episode 285: Amp up Your Marketing with Patients On Demand
As practice owners, we want to acquire leads without having to go through the hassle of wasting time and mental energy. The key to scaling a practice requires running a campaign that you’re able to
Episode 284: The Five-Minute Patient Reactivation System
As a business, the most important asset to the success of your practice is undoubtedly the patients you serve. While growing your patient base is essential for maintaining sustainability and profitability, it’s equally important to
Episode 283: WCM - The 12 Best Performing Instagram Posts For Practice Owners
Instagram is one powerful platform that allows your business to connect directly with potential customers in a fun and visually appealing way. Not only does it offer countless opportunities for businesses to reach their target
Episode 282: Nailing Your Numbers To Grow Your Practice With Certainty
Are you struggling to grow your practice? Uncertainty about whether your decisions are leading to success or vulnerability can be overwhelming. But what if there was a reliable way to gain strategic certainty and set
Episode 281: WCM - Staff Performance Management Conversations
It's important to understand how you can make your performance management conversations as constructive as possible. By equipping yourself with the right tools and knowledge to approach these conversations appropriately and confidently, you can help
get new patients with WCM - The 3 Day New Patient Machine
In order to remain competitive and profitable, businesses must stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for whatever changes lie ahead. Additionally, they must invest in marketing strategies that set them apart from their
Episode 279: How Sarah Holland Started a Million Dollar Worth Practice
Starting a practice can be an exciting but daunting experience. The rewards of running your own practice may seem obvious, such as being able to call the shots and make your own schedule, but plenty
Episode 278: 3 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Right Now
The platform's expansive reach and precise data-driven targeting capabilities make it an irresistible strategy for brands and companies to promote their brand and reach new customers. With Facebook, you can grow your audience beyond what
Episode 277: Getting New Patients Everyday From Social Media
In this episode, we talk about getting new patients every day from social media. It's undeniable that social media holds great potential for medical practices when used correctly. We go deep into how you can
Episode 276: How A Physical Therapist Earned $8K Return On A $40 Marketing Strategy
Building a business with complete community support is not easy to accomplish. However, forming the right relationship encourages the community to support and appreciate local businesses. Although running a healthcare practice is rewarding, it can
Episode 275: The 6 Phases of Private Practice Growth
In this episode, we talk about the 6 phases of private practice growth. As your practice grows, the goal is to have a business that’s not dependent on you and these phases will give you
Episode 274: How To Add 50k+ Profit To Your Practice in 30 Days
It's no secret that business owners and entrepreneurs always strive to make more money. But how can you take your practice - whether small or large, specialised or general - to the next level of
Episode 273: How This Speech Pathologist Grew To 1M Per Year And Regained 25 Hrs Per Week
It's no secret that running a business can be a daunting task, full of challenges and obstacles. But for those with the perseverance and determination to make it through, success is often found in unexpected
Episode 272: 3 Tactics To Profit While You’re On Holiday
Are you dreaming of taking an extended holiday, escaping from the hustling and bustling of everyday life and finally having a chance to relax? But maybe you feel guilty because you think taking some time
Episode 271: How To Recruit Staff In The Post COVID Era
In this episode, we'll talk about how to recruit staff in the post-Covid era. Hiring during the post-Covid era is sure to be different than before the pandemic, and companies must adjust their strategies accordingly.
Episode 270: 3 Steps To Booking Patients Past The Christmas Holidays
The Christmas season is usually seen as a festive holiday but for practice owners, it can be a tough time. During this time, patients come up with different excuses and abandon their treatment plans. Not