Building a Culture that Drives Growth in 3 Steps

Building a Culture that Drives Growth in 3 Steps


Building a Culture that Drives Growth in 3 Steps

If you’ve got a team, you’ll know what it’s like when you’re not all firing on all eight cylinders at the same time.

It’s an absolute mess.

The energy’s off.

Things don’t get done the right way.

Little cracks become gigantic holes, an abyss, in fact.

You end up getting dragged into everything, you, personally, into everything.

Overall, the impact is you don’t achieve what you want when you have a culture and environment like that.

You end up having to drive everything yourself, and no one, and I mean no one, is really stoked to be there.

Sounds like a terrible place to be.

In this blog I want to share with you three strategies to get rockstar results from within your healthcare team.

Ever wonder how some workplaces have that incredible buzz happening?

Where everyone really puts in 100% and wants to be there?

These three killer strategies on team engagement will help you get the buzz in your practice so you all end up working together and supporting each other.

This will enable you to get record results that just keep building each and every single day.

When you grow as a business owner, you build a great team around you to help you with the extra roles and the extra duties.

What is missing when you do this and you grow a team like that is in 95% of cases, there's no plan to build the culture that you want.

This is mainly because you haven’t needed to do this before, and you just keep on doing what you’ve always done to get there.

The problem is this: That will not keep working.

In fact, it will actually start to drag you down and become a problem.

You’ll notice things like poor staff retention.

You get resistance from team members when you ask them to implement your strategies.

This is all because you haven’t planned and installed the culture that you want from your team and your environment.

I’m going to give you three quick tips you can apply right now so you can get more traction than you’ve ever had before, get record results, and with an amazing team that wants to be part of the bigger picture with you.

Tip One: What I recommend is every single month, create goals for your team both subjectively and objectively for your entire business, for your entire business.

Then, for every individual, give them goals subjectively and objectively that relates back to the overall big picture.

You get engagement and let everyone know what they need to do to be part of your movement and why that matters.

Tip Two: Every week, get an update from every single person on your team with their goals.

I call this forward focus goal setting.

Every single week.

Every single week we complete a worksheet as a team, together, where we set out weekly goals for a number of areas and then we present this to each other on the Monday and the Friday.

It creates a massive amount of focus, intention, and sets us up for an awesome week.

Tip Three: You need to celebrate.

Celebrate each and every single week.

Do it on a Friday before the weekend.

Meet with your team, find out how everyone has gone, and celebrate your wins together no matter how big or how small.

They’re all important.

Make the business wins team wins.

You’re all in this together.

If you apply this, you’ll notice a massive shift in results and mindset and momentum within just seven days.

It’s that fast.

You’ve now got my quick tips but perhaps you want to take things a step further?

Do you want REAL fast results and get them to stick?

If you want to realign your team with your vision and to get everyone in sync here’s what you need to do…

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There are little known secrets to ensure success, and we can show you 3 tactics that you can install to make it a reality fast.

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