The 3 Invisible Anchors Stopping Your Practice Success

The 3 Invisible Anchors Stopping Your Practice Success

Are you frustrated, stressed or just plain overwhelmed in your private practice?

If you’re not getting the results you want, as fast as you want and you’re having to combat roadblocks all the time, then it’s perfectly normal for you to feel frustrated and even stressed.

And you’re totally not alone. It’s not just you.

And it’s not your fault!

In fact there’s a good reason why you may be feeling this way.

In working with over 1200 dynamic, driven healthcare practice owners, we have been able to identify exactly when and why healthcare practices hit the brakes in their journey to success.

Not just that, but we’ve also figured out the “fix” to these success killers.

More on that later at the end of this article….

In working with people that are constantly striving to grow their health practices, we’ve identified that there are three distinct phases that growing practices find themselves in.

Step 1: Is to identify the phase that you are in


Step 2: Is to then apply the right strategies to transition you from that phase to the next level, and to do that RAPIDLY and with certainty.

But first, here’s a question you need to answer for yourself…

Go ahead ask yourself these questions and answer honestly.

Here goes – Which of these three levels best describes you? …and remember, be HONEST with yourself!

  1. Are you stuck with your practice growth? Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall? No matter what you do, you just don’t seem to get any lasting improvement with your results?


  1. Are you on a roller coaster? Is your growth unpredictable and do you feel like you haven’t got enough control? One month you are up the next you are down, with seemingly no reason at all?


  1. Are you on the hamster wheel of HARD growth? You’re growing but it’s dependent on you, your time and your effort?


These are the 3 phases that you may find yourself in when you are growing your practice.

There’s simply no way around it.

We all go through it as we grow our business, it’s totally normal.


The problem is, that without knowing what phase you are at, and what to do to get the heck out of there and into the next level of growth, it’s incredibly stressful and even overwhelming.

There are three “success roadblocks” that commonly occur at the stability and success phase, which you can see in our model below…

To confidently ascend from stability to success and from success to scale, it’s all about applying the right fix for you.

Here’s a quick guide for you.


If your business growth has flat out hit the brakes, and if you’ve been there for over 3 months, then you are in “Plateau”.

When I speak to people at this level, what best describes them and maybe you, is that they are simply “frustrated”.

The problem is that they are most likely using the strategies that they’ve always used in the past, the exact same strategies that got them to this current level of success.

But the problem is, the strategies that got you to here, won’t get you to the next level. It’s that simple.

What’s missing is new strategies for growth. Especially new marketing strategies.

Roller Coaster:

The death spiral I call it.

If you’re in a roller coaster phase, your growth fluctuates more than 10% week to week and month to month.

Can you imagine if the stock market, your local currency or even the value of your house or savings fluctuated by 10% on a weekly or monthly basis?? Yeah, it would be shear TERROR and CHAOS!

If your practice results fluctuate by 10% (or even more) weekly or monthly then you are in a Roller Coaster Phase I’m afraid to say.

When I speak to people at this level, what best describes them and maybe you, is that they are “bewildered” by what’s going on.

One week their practice is up, the next it’s down. They don’t know why, and often they’ve come to even accept these variations as “normal”. But it’s FAR from ACCEPTABLE.

Like I said, imagine if those same economics were applied to the stock market, the value of your house or your savings, yeah, it would be pure freaking chaos.

The problem with a roller coaster phase is that your business doesn’t have the right systems for scale and predictability. That’s what’s missing.

BTW: This is the scariest phase of all and the area where people tend to spend the longest time!

Hamster Wheel:

Or you could be on the hamster wheel.

The “workaholic” phase.

Hey, no judgement here, I’ve been there, I know how it is.

It’s so easy to fall into this phase, but DAMN it’s hard to get out of it.

To escape it you need to overhaul your habits, your routines, your mindset and your skillset needs an upgrade plus you need a bunch of new tools to leverage up your biz.

This is where you are growing, month on month.


…it’s driven by YOU and your personal time and effort.

As long as your slogging way, putting in the sweat equity, you’ll grow…to a low hanging ceiling.

You see, there’s only ONE of you.

Only so many hours in the day.

It’s not scaleable.

This mode will keep you handcuffed to self employment, and without any prospects of building a real business that supports you and the life that you truly want.

What’s missing here is Leverage and Automation.

So ask yourself, where are you at?

What needs to happen to accelerate forward and build the practice and life that you deserve?

And the big question is how? Right?

After helping over 1200 practices worldwide to shift gears and grow with certainty and confidence, we’ve got pretty darn good at helping people get rapid results.

Just like you can assess a patient and prescribe the right treatment, that’s what I can do with a healthcare business 😊

Wanna learn how you can grow faster, easier and with more certainty?

Click below to watch an important vid….

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