So many Practice Owners tell me that they don’t think their practice can operate without them being involved every single day. They believe that they must oversee all operations or else something will go terribly
Ever heard the saying culture is king?! It’s 100% true. What separates the top healthcare practices, isn’t the tactics and strategies they use, but their unbreakable culture! They have clear values, strong beliefs and get
Do you have issues tackling productivity problems with your staff? Want to have a winning workplace culture? Are you struggling to see the value in your team meetings? Or are they basically a non-existent social
Everyone wants to be more productive, right? Picture the extra effort you can put into growth, marketing and helping patients if completing those pesky day to day tasks was quicker and easier. Keeping your team
If you want to grow a powerful practice you need to performance manage. This is one area that I see practice owners struggle with more than anything else. Have you ever asked yourself - if
  As your practice grows, you need the right people around you. Not just to share the increased workload, but also to share your vision. Unfortunately, building a team can be a bit tricky, especially
  Every time you hire someone new, you know it’s going to come at a big cost. Not just a monetary cost – but also a big time commitment from you and your team to
When you first start out, being extremely busy in your practice feels great…it’s something to be proud of, after all you’ve worked so hard to get there. As you grow, hanging on to a big
Building a team is about more than just hiring people to work for you. It’s about building a movement. If you want your practice to be successful — and if you want to help as
  How often should you be reviewing your staff? The big elephant in the room. This is one of my absolute all-time favourite topics because I’ve got a MASSIVE focus on team and scaling up
Is there really a way to get your team on the same page as you? Having been in business a long time I know the nightmare feeling of telling your team to do something and
I work with a lot of healthcare practices scaling up. While they’re all in totally different situations, from my experience by far the best way to go from $1 million to $10 million is to
  Everyone knows that an awesome team is essential to any growing business. Great businesses are built upon great systems that are driven by exceptional teams. An exceptional team can take any business above and
  Building a Culture that Drives Growth in 3 Steps If you've got a team, you'll know what it's like when you're not all firing on all eight cylinders at the same time. It's an
  Being the driving force behind a growing business can be one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences of your life. However, it can also be extremely exhausting and mentally draining. Nobody likes to
How To Build A ROCK STAR Team! Have you ever walked out of the office with your mind racing a million miles an hour to look over and see your team up to, well not