Why Reviewing your Staff Every 90 Days is Not Enough and What to do Instead

Why Reviewing your Staff Every 90 Days is Not Enough and What to do Instead


How often should you be reviewing your staff?

The big elephant in the room.

This is one of my absolute all-time favourite topics because I’ve got a MASSIVE focus on team and scaling up teams in my mastermind program.

So here’s the thing, you’ve probably heard this before and I’m just going to reiterate it.

What you measure, you can improve. It’s that simple.

Whether that be sporting performance, your health, your weight, your academic performance, behavioural changes and of course results in your business.

If you measure your teams results every 90 days, that is NOT nearly enough.

Here’s why:

1. If your staff don’t know how they’re really performing then they are going to be way off the mark with their results by the time you actually measure them.

2. Once you actually make a change, you don’t know if it’s worked for another 90 days or not…it’s a long time in between drinks.

3. When you do end up giving form feedback you’ll get confused looks at best from your team, and more often than not – flat out denial from your team that they are off track, or in the worst cases – they’ll even disagree with you, your philosophy or your method of approach all together.

Overall – your team will be off track, so you’ll be in the dark as to how your business is really performing and simply – your business is out of control – and that is not scalable which means you are not going to get any more freedom or financial success, that is the truth.

That is why it’s so important to sort this out right now.

Your business is only as strong as your weakest link in the chain.

When you get a peak performance system in place that includes the right rhythm and metrics to measure and accelerate team performance now that is a TOTAL game changer that you should have in place in your business.

With this system in place your staff will know how they are performing at any given point in time and they’ll know what they can do about it to enhance it because you’ve got measurables and feedback loops in place to constantly let them know.

You’ll also be able to make changes rapidly then measure for improvements quickly so that the action to feedback time is dramatically shorted to make you really super agile

Because of this, when you give feedback, your team get why and not only do they get that, but they know what to do next to lift to the next level.

Overall, it puts you in charge, aligns your team with you and you accelerate fast building unstoppable momentum and truly shift from a job to a business.

Now you know, I talk to practice owners every single day and when I ask them – how tight is your process for staff reviews and how well are your team performing – the most common response I get is “oh, we don’t do that, I see my team every day and we talk to them, we have a great team and if there were any issues then we would just talk about it?”

That’s the most common answer I get.

The truth is though, just because you get along with your team, and they don’t actively bring issues and you don’t actively bring up that you have issues with them – that doesn’t mean anything at all.

It means nothing.

The most resistance in fact occurs beneath the surface and never gets addressed – until of course it’s too late and the horse has bolted.

So what should you do instead?

Definitely have a 90 day planning session with each team member, that’s an absolute no brainer, but – here’s the shift!

Measure their key performance actions weekly!

Yes weekly, we even do it daily inside here.

We have two key performance action meetings per day with everyone inside Practice Acceleration HQ.

Peak performers spend 90% of their time focused on the activity that gets the result that they want.

And you can do that in your business by having systems that track everyone’s KPA’s, their Key Performance Actions daily – it empowers your team to win and win big.

I know what you’re wondering, I’d like to help you out there.

If you’d like to know how peak performers continue to grow, and grow faster and with more momentum than everyone else, and with more control – I’d love for you to download my free guide for healthcare professionals asking the question “Is It Really Possible to have a Million Dollar Practice?”.

In there I’ll show you how everyday health professionals are growing multi 6 and even 7 figure businesses while reducing their working hours – all by putting clear management systems into place and reviewing their staff more frequently.

Click the link below download my guide and learn that it really is possible to break the $1 million dollar barrier within your private practice.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room any longer!

I’m really confident you can apply this the same day that you download it in fact, and get on the path to control and freedom straight away.

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