How Long Would Your Practice Survive Without You?

How Long Would Your Practice Survive Without You?

So many Practice Owners tell me that they don’t think their practice can operate without them being involved every single day.

They believe that they must oversee all operations or else something will go terribly wrong.

Are you one of them who feels like your practice would self-destruct without your constant guidance?

Do you need to make sure that your staff are getting their daily tasks done?

If you are, I want you to imagine how it would feel to have your Practice running smoothly without you having to even be there.

Ahhh… the freedom.

Well, I have news for you, this shouldn’t be one of your wildest dreams.

What if I told you that as the owner of the Practice, it’s important that all operations are working without your constant attention.

If you don’t set up the right structures you’ll be stuck doing all the work, all the time, you’ll have no trust in your employees, and you’ll always be stressing when you aren’t there.

That’s why you need to systemize the operations of your Practice so that you don’t always have to be there.

Get your structures right and you’ll have more control over your time and your life, both professionally and personally.

So how do you do it?

Optimizing these 3 fundamental structures will systemize your Practice, making sure day-to-day tasks get completed, your staff are performing to the best of their ability, and best of all, you won’t need to be there for it to happen.


Trust the Team

Ever heard the saying “you’re only as strong as your weakest member”

Well it’s true.

You need to make sure that:

  • Each team member fully understands and delivers on their role.
  • Each team member must understand the other team member’s roles as well.
  • Each team member must understand the influence of their role on everybody else’s.

Your team should be working in sync and trust that everyone is getting their jobs done.

Key parts of any successful workplace are strong communication, productivity and a workplace culture.

Regular training and meetings are your best way to achieve this and build momentum, control and growth for your practice

You should be communicating with your staff daily to ensure they are on track and developing on the skills that they require.

By hosting, providing and communicating the skills your practice needs, your staff will become a group of star players that you’ll gladly allow to do their own thing.

If you can trust your team, you can be sure that they will get the job done with or without you being there.


Make sure it’s Diarised

I always say, “if it’s not in the diary, it’s not going to happen.”

A huge issue in most workplaces is follow through on tasks that are discussed.

You need to get your team documenting, prioritizing and being accountable to their diary.

Everyone should diarise their tasks and when they must be completed so that they are clear on what needs to get done at all times.

Be precise, tell each team member what they must do and how long they have to do it.

By delegating and documenting specific tasks for your team, you will be placing accountability on them.

Keeping your staff accountable will build trust, increase productivity and ensure that everything gets completed – with or without you there.


Automate it

Utilising helpful tech will get the team working faster, more efficiently and is easy to track.

Not only that, there are programs out there that are really easy to use and set up for even for the least tech literate people.

These tools will make completing those pesky day to day tasks way quicker and easier, keep your team on track, and give you peace of mind as a practice owner.

Some simple Automation can completely transform the workflow and productivity of your business.

That’s why I’m going share two must-have programs for any Practice owner.

  1. Slack

This is the ultimate team communication program.

Have one platform for your entire team to communicate through instantly.

Not only does this program allow you to have private, instant chats, but you can streamline your workflow.

Attach documents and media, have video conference calls and integrate with your essential third-party apps from google.

It’s the one-stop communication spot for your team to interact, discuss and collaborate.


  1. Trello

This is the mast have and easy-to-use management and accountability tool.

Trello is a program that will allow you to create and track boards for projects, tasks, and daily activities.

Use it for daily accountability, and ensure that your team is diarising, prioritising and delivering on its required activities

Set timelines for projects, assign members to these projects and have group goal boards.


With these tools you can schedule tasks, monitor workflow and make sure that your practice is operating at it’s best.

Plus, you don’t even need to be there.

It’s important to remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many other fantastic programs for scheduling emails, sharing documents or submitting required tasks.

But I guarantee by just implementing these two tech tools, you will start to innovate and improve your practice, streamlining your team’s daily tasks.


At the end of the day, as a practice owner you want to have peace of mind knowing things are running smoothly, regardless of whether you’re around or not.

Your team needs a structure to follow to give you confidence that your patients are receiving the best care and quality service that they deserve each and every single time.

You need to put systems in place to have confidence knowing that any member of your team will deliver on their tasks

Want more hints on how to elevate your team’s performance and gain the freedom that comes with it?

Then head to my online Masterclass which lifts the hat on loads of my Practice growing secrets.

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