Align Your Team And Win The Game Of Business!

Align Your Team And Win The Game Of Business!

Is there really a way to get your team on the same page as you?

Having been in business a long time I know the nightmare feeling of telling your team to do something and then they go and do something completely different.

Like a total flip of what you want them to do… it can almost feel like they’re doing it just to spite you.

When you don’t have a really great system for communication and feedback, or a formula to follow, you and your team you end up in this position where you’re just not in alignment.

I just wanted to say, first of all, it would be highly unlikely your team are doing the wrong thing just to spite you or annoy you by the way, I know it can feel like that but in any event, but maybe they feel like you are doing that too!

In any event, there is a disconnect between what they are doing and what you want them to do and vice versa.

Overall this creates friction, tension, stress, anger, ultimately there is a complete break down or even loss of trust, and this means that your business just retracts whilst the pressure on you really mounts on your shoulders!

It’s a terrible situation and I want to help you fix that.

So there’s a number of things that are actually going wrong here and potentially leading to the situation that you’re in.

In order to get really great flow, you need to be extremely clear about a number of things:

1. Your company’s core values

2. The core key performance actions that need to implemented by each person and upheld every day

3. What upholding those key performance actions looks like to you

4. A meeting and performance enhancement model

5. A meeting and a management rhythm to follow so you can ensure it’s actually upheld

6. A formula you can use to have those difficult conversations when you notice that people are going off track.

So you can see there’s so many different layers that need to be in place and it’s hard to know where things have gone off track.

So today, let’s explore how to give your team feedback.

So when you see someone going off track, you need to have what I call a pattern interrupt conversation and you need to do that immediately.

Immediately. Not an hour later, not the next day, not a week later, not at the performance review, immediately, now immediately.

If you leave it, the problem will become more frequent, then it’s going to become behavioural for that person and then guess what, it becomes cultural for your organisation and everyone’s off track.

You’ll blow your lid as it will just build up and up until breaking point.

Maybe this has happened to you before, I know it’s happened to me before of course and I don’t want that to happen to you.

So typically when people blow up, they blow up spectacularly, what happens is either the staff member at hand quits or they lift in performance.

But if they do lift, it only lasts for a very short while until the old behaviour creeps back in and then if you hire a new person, the same thing builds up over a period of time and then you are back to where you started all over again.

In either event, nothing changes significantly.

What is missing is this pattern interrupt conversation.

You need to have this conversational formula that you can install in any situation which addresses the issue on the spot, not later and engages your team member to take action.

This way they get it, they’re excited to lift to a new level, and in a way that’s easy for you to deliver to them and doesn’t involve you having to behave like a tyrannic leader – no one wants that.

You can just be yourself, you’re just missing a formula.

Management and leadership in my opinion is the greatest opportunity and it is also the single greatest roadblock when you are growing a practice.

You have to get it right or you’re just going to keep coming up against brick walls of resistance and a whole ton of push back.

The process I’ve created and that I use with my members is very straightforward, it’s step by step, it’s called the Feedback Formula, which is a great pattern interrupt.

It’s a formula that helps my team members understand any situation in their practice where someone is off track, or someone is doing something wrong or doing it the wrong way.

It enables you to turn them around very quickly and in a no fuss easy to deliver way have a conversation that leaves both you and your team member, feeling really great.

Like you, I used to struggle with this myself, management was a drag, I used to avoid it in fact and it used to stress me out when I did confront it. I hated it.

But over a period of 15 years, I created and tested this Feedback Formula system.

Now I have tweaked it, retested it and implemented it across hundreds of practices.

In the last 6 months I’ve updated the latest version, and it’s creating a life of freedom and control for our members who are practice owners that are focused on building their teams.

It’s quite the game changer.

Most people don’t do anything to improve their management, that’s the bad thing, it’s either way too hard for them, or they’re unware of how much it’s hurting their business in the first place, or they’re simply using an outdated, antiquated, complicated, and punitive approach – and to be honest with you that doesn’t work anymore – in fact I doubt it ever did to be honest with you.

This system is different.

It’s a killer step by step proven system just for health professionals.

I haven’t taught it to anyone outside of healthcare.

It even includes exactly what to say in the most difficult of situations.

It’s a total game changer for you.

Managers and leaders, they’re not born like so many others out there will have you believe, they’re actually created by following a proven and simple to apply step by step system.

If you want to build a million dollar practice your management systems need to be in check.

So here’s what I’ve got for you….

If your practice needs a management overhaul, I’d love for you to download my free guide for healthcare professionals asking the question “Is It Really Possible to have a Million Dollar Practice?”.

In there I’ll show you how everyday health professionals are growing multi 6 and even 7 figure businesses while reducing their working hours – all by putting clear management systems into place like the Feedback Formula.

Is it finally time for you to get your team on the same page?

Click the link below download my guide and learn that it really is possible to break the $1 million dollar barrier within your private practice.

Don’t let old school management styles hold you back any further.

I’m really confident you can apply this the same day that you download it in fact, and get on the path to control and freedom straight away.

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