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Is it REALLY Possible to Grow Your Private Practice By 10, 20 even 40k/mth without working harder and longer hours and sacrificing your lifestyle?
Discover How Everyday Health Professionals Are Growing Multi 6 and even 7 Figure Businesses While Reducing Their Working Hours
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  •  Why proper retention has nothing to do with “sales” or “pushing” (the opposite is true actually)
  •  The 5 step casual conversation to quickly fill your books and increase referral numbers for ALL of your staff members (works especially well for introverted and shy practitioners) 
  • The number one thing that you need to STOP doing that is killing your patient numbers (98% of practitioners are completely unaware this is even happening right under their noses)
  •  The retention SWIPEFILE. Copy and paste the exact scripts that our members have used to 2-10X their practices with ZERO push back from their patients (patients love it SO MUCH you’ll wonder why you haven’t doing this your whole career)