How To Build A ROCK STAR Team!

How To Build A ROCK STAR Team!

How To Build A ROCK STAR Team!

Have you ever walked out of the office with your mind racing a million miles an hour to look over and see your team up to, well not much?

You’ve built a team that are all competent at their job – you’ve handpicked them to work in your business and you trust that they will do well.

There’s nothing really wrong with them.

You know they’re not lazy, it’s not that they’re doing something wrong like browsing eBay all day for hedge clippers or swiping through Tinder on the clock.

But are they really the best team they can possibly be?

Are they making your day as easy as possible?

Everyone knows how crucial it is to have a great team in your practice.

Great businesses are built upon great systems that are driven by exceptional teams.

An exceptional team can take any business above and beyond the vision you might have ever imagined.

So ask yourself this:

What would be possible for you if your team were even better?

And let’s quantify better.

What if you had the three things that most health professionals got into business to get in the first place… I’m talking about:
1. More time for you
2. More freedom to do what you want and when you want it
3. To earn the profit that will give you your ideal lifestyle

Would you like any of these?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re in good company.

It was meant to be easy, right?

When you spend so many years studying, working to become the best professional you can be, then dedicating even more years to building a practice – you’d think the business of helping people pays off in your favour eventually.

I know how hard it can be to achieve any of those three things.

I’ve met so many practice owners who have seriously been missing out on the time, freedom and dollars they deserve.

So, those are exactly the three things that we focus on helping practice owners to get – exactly what they deserve.

When you have a poor, average or even “good” team you’ll never get the time out that you want, your practice will depend on you and your personal time and energy to survive, and you simply won’t be able to earn what you want or what you’re truly capable of.

That’s why it’s so important to make your team

EVEN better.

I don’t want you to walk out of the office with your mind racing a million miles an hour to look over at a perfectly adequate team ever again.

Most people think that if they “get along” with their team, and they talk daily at the practice that they have a great culture.

Truth is, all this means is that you’re friends with your staff.

And that isn’t going to get you anywhere in your business at all.

In working with over 1000 healthcare practices to build and empower their teams so that they can gain control over their time, lifestyle and earn more rewards we’ve found that 5 principles form the pillar of a successful team.

Keep reading and I’ll take you through them.

1. Vision

Where do you see your team in five years time?

Are you still spending 40 hours personally treating patients each week?

I hope not.

While so many people have a five or ten year plan of what their ideal practice would look like way too many people fail to break it down.

What you really need to ask yourself is this:

Where do I see my team next week?

Next month?

Next quarter?

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of bright shiny ideas or big plans on what could make your practice better.

But right now they’re just those million mile an hour thoughts that rush through your head at the end of the day.

Your team are essential in making your vision come to life.

Your team are more than capable of taking some of those manic thoughts and business pressures off
your plate starting to push your ideas into action.

All you need is a system.

2. Values

When you start to let go of the reins many professionals are concerned their business will lose its way.

It’s a valid concern.

You’ve spent all that time, effort and money creating your business and you absolutely do not want it to go in another direction to what you imagined.

What you’ve created needs to maintain its authenticity – no matter who is behind it.

Your team needs to know what you and your business stand for.

They need to live and breathe this every day.

This is why you MUST set core values for your business.

It’s time to sit back and really evaluate the qualities that you feel must be upheld by anyone and everyone that is part of your team.

Everyone on your team should be working towards these values as a common goal each and every day.
When you take a step back and look at your business from the outside these are the qualities that I want you to see reflected.

Your ideal team will radiate these values and your clients will love it.
But it’s you who needs to set these goals.

3. Actions

I’d love to know what your day looks like when you arrive at work each morning.

Does everyone on the team know exactly what they need to be doing at all times?

You know your team on a personal level and they probably aren’t lazy.

But they also probably aren’t doing all they can to help you out and move the team forward.

I often find this isn’t actually their fault.

The truth is they need clear actions and goals set by YOU.

Your team are probably capable of way more than you think, both individually and collectively.

However, if they haven’t got a checklist of each and every thing that they should be doing in a day
THEY WILL get off track.

When you see someone sitting back at the desk while your pile of work piles up and up and up, it could more than likely be your own fault.

It’s time to start chipping away at those big ideas by delegating measurable actions to the team which they can complete.

I guarantee this will have a HUGE impact on your business.

What you need is a simple strategy to ensure everyone knows what action they should be completing and exactly when it’s time for you to dish out some more tasks and move on to the next project.

Your team should be just as busy (actually more busy) than you are!

It’s time to set clear achievable actions and see your team take things up a notch.

4. Roles

Beyond what specific actions everyone in your team should be completing, they also need to know how they fit into the bigger picture.

Knowing your role in a business is vital to your success and actually helps decide how much effort a team member chooses to contribute.

Everyone in the team must know what success looks like for them.

Jenny at the front desk and Craig in the clinic room complete vastly different actions each day, but they both serve to make a lasting impression on every client that walks through the door.

Their role is to provide the ideal customer experience and create cash flow in your business.

Team members who see themselves contributing to a business in worthwhile ways and see their role progressing to the next level undoubtedly put more effort in to every action they complete.

This is why it’s so important to be clear on every team member’s role, what success looks like and how their success intertwines.

Everyone in the team must be accountable to one another.

And when someone in the team isn’t accountable or up to scratch with the expectations of their role it’s time for YOU to take action.

5. People

You might love your team, you spend many hours with them each and every day so it can easily come
to feel like you work with your dearest friends.

Unfortunately dearest friends are not necessarily the best possible team.

The best possible team is comprised of the best possible people for the job and those that are all 100% committed to the success of your business.

So, do you really have the right people in the right seats?

Just because someone can complete the tasks required for a job it doesn’t mean they’re the right personality type to be working in your practice and upholding your core values

I like to personality test all my staff before they even walk through for an interview.

I only hire the type of committed person who is not only going to own their role but will also help me to push my vision forward.

Does that sound like your team?

It’s time to take stock and see where the cracks are in the system.

Review your staff constantly and meticulously.

This doesn’t mean you’re the mean old boss coming in to ruin everyone’s day.
This means you’re the true leader or your business and ensuring everyone in your team’s individual success so that you can win together.

Now none of these concepts should be new to you, in fact, I think that most people would be aware of these principles on at least some level.

So how come owners of healthcare practices are still so time poor, burning out and just plain frustrated with their businesses?

Well, it comes down to actually making these 5 principles work for you.
There are three principles that drive the success of these pillars in your business.

Take a look:

While your team must uphold these 5 pillars of success, it’s your job to provide them with the key tools that help them stand strong and tall.

Those being direction, support and accountability.
You might not know it yet but your team craves these thee things.

Some business owners are too scared to give this to their team in fear of an adverse response like everyone walking out the door.

Let me tell you now, if you give direction, support and accountability to your team and they get up and ready to leave – let them go.

If your team doesn’t want to be led nobody will move forward.

You’re better off without them.

If you’ve got the right people in the right seats and you give them all the right tools I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

A team with DIRECTION knows the values of their leader and all the actions they must complete to better the success of everyone in the team.

A team with SUPPORT knows that they are appreciated and their efforts to progress your vision are
worthwhile because their professional development is also being progressed.

A team with ACCOUNTABILITY knows that if they do well they will be rewarded and if they don’t do what’s required in their role someone will know about it…and they will take action.

Now it’s easy to say that you need all these things in your business but it can sound near
impossible to implement.

It doesn’t have to be impossible.

It doesn’t even have to be difficult.

All you need is a simple system.

I call this the Feedback Formula.

It’s a simple way to ensure that the key areas for success in your business are being upheld and perpetuated each and every day by the best team possible.

I passed this system on to one of my clients James who was able to get started right away with it and ensure his team were moving in the right direction.

He started off with a team meeting and by providing direction, support and accountability through the feedback formula as you can see the results were truly incredible.

“Had the staff eating out of the palm of my hand”
Imagine if your staff were eating out of the palm of your hand.

His team became totally committed to pushing forward the big ideas and vision he had for his business.

Imagine what it would be like to have all the tools and systems you need to create the business you envisaged when you first got into the healthcare industry.

A business that gives you more time, freedom and dollars.

Does that sound good?

To do that you need the best team possible on your side.

Your team needs a system just like James.

I can get you started today with the Feedback Formula worksheet.

This isn’t something that I normally give away but I know how it feels to struggle with your team.

I know what it’s like to be on completely different pages.

I really want to help you push forward in your business and if this resource can help you do it then I want to hear about it!

Make sure you PM me and let me know how you go with it – that’s the only catch.

It’s time to get those million mile an hour thoughts out of you head and walk out of the office to instead see your team doing everything in their power to build an incredible practice.

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