How To Make Your Practice Even Less Dependent On You!

How To Make Your Practice Even Less Dependent On You!


Being the driving force behind a growing business can be one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences of your life.

However, it can also be extremely exhausting and mentally draining.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re the only thing keeping a business going.

Nobody wants to be the one with all the workload and all the stress…what happened to everyone else on the team working for you?

You can quickly become unmotivated and disinterested with your business when you have to be on the ball almost 24/7 with little reward.

Would you like to make your practice even less dependent on you?

Stick around and I’ll show a great way to free yourself up FAST!

The best healthcare businesses are in fact not dependent on individuals.

The best practices are run by great systems, driven by great teams and overseen by great managers and leaders.

They are run like REAL businesses.

No one became a practice owner to buy themselves a “job”… that would make no sense.

Certainly, in my experience that is not the case.

You could easily do that elsewhere without the stress, long hours, financial risk and mad hours.

In fact, most practices have reported to us that over the past 12 months the key deciding factors in opening their own business was in fact to build something that was NOT dependent on them.

The reason they chose to take the leap was to create a life of time freedom, choice, and to earn what a job would not be able to provide.

They wanted to create a legacy, something truly meaningful and impactful for the community and their patients.

So, why did you get into business in the first place? Ask yourself that right now.

The truth is none of that is possible if your practice is dependent on you.

A business can become dependent on you in many different ways.

Ask yourself if any of these apply to you?

1. You are the main driver of practice revenue.
2. The majority of business decisions are made by you.
3. You couldn’t take a holiday and know with certainty that things would run exactly the same or better without you.
4. You feel chained to your business.
5. You cannot switch off in your “down time”.

If any of those relate to you then you have a lot in common with the majority of practitioners out there who are stuck in their practices.

Stuck between being a “technician” in their practice and becoming a leader of their practice.

Here’s what you need to know!

The only way to build true wealth, lifestyle choice and time freedom in healthcare is to build a true business. One that doesn't depend on you.

No doubt you’ve heard this before. It’s not rocket science.

So why then is it that owners of healthcare practices continually hit the wall and burn out?

Why is it that they sacrifice their lives to keep their businesses afloat and never truly earn what they set out to in the first place?

It’s because “knowing” and “doing” are two completely different ball games.

Information is great, but implementation is even better. Right?

So, let’s cut to some actionable, step by step tips that will help you get back in the driver’s seat of your business.

Last month I ran this exercise with over 80 of our members at a 3 day training event and the results were outstanding!

The results ranged from being able to cut out 13 hours of their working week to completely removing themselves from practice. Truly remarkable!

I should say this too, they also did a range of other tactical and strategic exercises to make the results stick.

You probably guessed that already but I just wanted to be transparent about that.

So right now let’s see what it can do for you… Here we go!

This is an exercise I do every quarter and have done for over 11 years.

It’s been a profoundly beneficial exercise for me and I hope that it will be for you too.

You see, there are a number of things that you 'are' or 'are not' doing right now that are holding you and your dream of becoming a successful business owner back.

Once again, this is not rocket science. It’s simple actually, so simple that it’s almost always overlooked and not implemented, hence the problem.

Some things you are doing are no longer things that you should be doing. They’re just not the best use of your skills and time.

Then other things that you definitely should be doing don’t get a look in, because you “don’t have the time”.

I get it, I know what it’s like when you get stuck and everything is dependent on you. But things need to change!

So, the simple exercise to do is this:
Take a blank sheet of paper.

Now, draw a line down the page of that blank sheet of paper.

On one side of the line write “Stop Doing”.

Underneath that list off all the things that you need to stop doing that are holding you and your business back right now.

On the right-hand side next to that, write “Impact”.

Here, write down what the impact is of the things that you’re currently doing which are holding you back.

How is it impacting you?

Record how it is affecting you personally, how it is holding your business back and also write down who else it is affecting.

That’s a great exercise. And quite an eye opener in itself.

Take just 5 minutes to do that and then open up another blank page.

On this page draw a line down the middle and on the left side write “Start doing” and on the right side of the line write “Benefit”.


Quite simply list off all the things that you have put off that you need to start doing and write down what the benefit of actually doing that would be on the right side.


Once you have completed your list, this is where you can start to create documented systems and training procedures to delegate out what you no longer need to be doing so that you can dedicate yourself to working on only high value activities that will guide you to building a true business.


The one that you got into business to build in the first place.

There’s a great resource that helps you to choose what activities to stop doing and start doing.

It’s called the “Energy Maximiser”.

I use it because I’ve found that for me and my members, there are activities that naturally energise us and others that drain us of energy.

To feel successful and fulfilled in your business you need to be spending your time working on activities that energise you and are also the best use of your time.

I’ve turned this into a simple worksheet that you can complete in just 3 minutes.

Would you like a copy?

If you’d love a copy, then all you have to do is click on the link below and you can get started with the Energy Maximiser right away.

I hope you find this helpful, personally I use it every month now and it’s been a total game changer.

I’m confident you’ll find it makes a massive difference.

Be sure to let me know what kind of result it has for you!

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