Everything you thought about how to work on your business is wrong!

Everything you thought about how to work on your business is wrong!

The way that most people are working on their practices is wrong – totally wrong!

I was just on the phone to Nicole earlier – she’s just joined my high end practice growth program and she asked me about just how much time should she be spending on working on her business.

She was massively relieved to hear my answer…

Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly what I taught her!

So let me give you the 4 keys that I use personally to help me get out of my own way and get heaps done.

I find it hard to be disciplined so I’ve developed a bunch of hacks to make it work better for me.

In my books there are 4 big things to consider:


 1. So first of all, mix up where you work on your business.

 You can take a laptop or tablet anywhere and plug into the web – just like I do with this bad boy.

If you do 2 sessions on your business each week, make sure that they’re in different locations.

Each session needs to be in a different spot to keep you focussed and keep the creative juices flowing.

Today – I’m at home chilling out – it’s one of the places I like to use to get heaps done.

 It’s relaxing, it’s away from the office and I can be free to just get stuff done and not be distracted.

 I love talking to my team, so when I’m here, that option is taken away from me.

 So that’s the first key.


 2. The second key is to allocate 2 hour blocks to work on your business.

 You can’t just do bits here and there – you need dedicated times to work on your business where you are completely focussed and you have enough time dedicated.

 2 hours in one sitting is good.

 Personally I work for 50 mins, have a 10 minute break and then go again.

I set the timer on my phone, turn it to airplane mode so no one can interrupt me and I put on some background music.

I just find if I have background music on that I’m more focussed, but you do what works for you.

3. The third thing to know is the frequency.

 Just doing two of these sessions per week is plenty.

More is better of course but you choose what works for you and the stage of business that you are at, and aim to increase it over time.

I’ve always found that 2 sessions is heaps, provided it’s really focussed time.

 Keeping it focussed is the hard part when we are so accessible and our phones are constantly beeping and buzzing – it can be tough.

 That’s why I like airplane mode on the phone.

4. Then the fourth key is to have your research done and your materials ready to go before you start your business sprint.

 When you do a sprint – it’s a sprint.

 You need to get stuff done.

 Rock up to your session prepared and ready to go.

 Otherwise you’ll spend half of it fluffing about checking email and social media and procrastinating.

Get your gear ready the day before you have a business sprint scheduled.

So that’s what I do, I love to work on my business outside, providing the weather is good, and it’s 30 degrees today so we’re doing this early in the morning.

 Otherwise I love to mix it up and move around cafes in Norwood, North Adelaide and Hyde Park.

 Mixing it up keeps it fresh and keeps me on task.


So they’re my four tips for smashing out a productivity session.

Now take it apply it and make it work for you.

One of my other peak performing clients who’s installed these killer tactics is Grant from PPS Physio.

Grant grew by $20k per month in less than 4 months.

How did he do it?

He put into place a clear action plan and systems for marketing, retention and management to finally get things under control.

Grant went from frustrated and overwhelmed to a powerful business owner, by following a step by step execution plan that made him a productivity machine.

He now has the ability to take time off while his business continues to make profit and grow even further without him there.

Can you imagine transforming your practice like Grant?

I’d love you to watch this case study of exactly how he did it…

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