Are there Cracks in Your New Patient Pipeline?

Are there Cracks in Your New Patient Pipeline?

Are there Cracks in Your New Patient Pipeline?

Don’t you hate it when your marketing campaign looks like it’s doing really well, yet you just don’t appear to be getting any new patients from it?

This is so many practice owners pet peeve.

What on earth is going wrong?

I get this question almost every day.

So listen up, because this applies to you and it’s killing your new patient flow.

This week on FB I’ve had James asks me the big question…

'Tristan – my analytics say that I’m getting heaps of traffic from my online pay per click campaign, but I’m just not getting enough new patients. I know that you specialise in this area – Is there anything else I can do to make my AdWords pull new patients?'

Ok. So here we go.

Here is what James is really saying.

Let me break this down.

What he’s saying is that he’s getting clicks on his online pay per click campaign online through Google (which is good).

It’s a good thing that he’s getting clicks, but the problem is that he’s not getting as many new patients as he wants.

You might have been in this situation before too.

The problem here is, getting clicks and generating traffic is only part of what an online campaign is supposed to do.

If your campaign only does this part, then chances are that you won’t get many new patients from it.

You need to look at things completely differently.

James had been focussed on the amount of clicks he’s been getting, but what I would recommend is actually paying close attention to these two things also…

Pay attention to what your ad position is, and also what your quality score is as judged by Google.

Both of these are interrelated.

Your quality score affects where your ad is positioned on average.

That will in turn affect the cost that you spend per click and as a result, how much traffic you can generate.

They’re all interrelated.

So what you want is to get you the best positioning and quality score in order to generate even more traffic for the same cost.

Check that out.

Now, the big thing here for James is that there are many different layers to an AdWords campaign, and if you don’t have a strategy for each layer, it all falls apart.

Think about it like a pipeline.

If there’s a leak in a pipeline and you just pump more water down it, then water is going to spill out through the leaks and make the leak even bigger.

That’s exactly what’s going on here.

There is a leak along James’ new patient pipeline, and pumping more traffic down a leaky pipeline is not the solution.

There are a couple likely areas where you could be going off track here.

Luckily they are easy to identify and making some small changes can drastically improve your results.

1. Your Landing Page

If your Google paid traffic is being driven to your website then it’s most likely going to home your home page… which will KILL your campaign.

You need to drive that traffic to an internal landing page within your website that is specific to your ad.

2. Your Lead Magnet

The second thing you to fix the leak and convert way more traffic into paying patients is to add a lead magnet.

A bait piece that gets your visitor to take the next step with you and give you their contact details so you can convert them into a patient.

3. Retargeting

The third most obvious thing to look at is that you need to apply retargeting of your ads.

The most effective way to do this is to retarget your AdWords traffic with your Facebook ads.

That way your audience are seeing your ads more often which increases the chances of them choosing you.

Plus they are seeing you on all different types of media which builds a lot more brand authority than focusing on one medium.

So that’s my answer for you James.

Assess your funnel – your new patient pipeline.

Look at your landing page, build a more compelling lead magnet and install a retargeting campaign.

Once the funnel is water tight and really profitable you’ll really be able to accelerate your new patient flow.

Here’s the thing, if you’re not sure how to do that, click on the link and book an Online New Patient Audit.

I’ll personally check out your campaign and let you know what’s not working and needs to be removed, as well as what needs to be changed and how.

I’ll give you a road map to follow so that you can smash it online.

Click on the link below and I’ll turbo charge your campaign for you.

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