Getting frustrated with your marketing plan?

Taking up too much of your time and budget?

Believe me, I’ve made more mistakes than all of you reading this combined when it comes to my marketing.

I’ve gone through all the trial and error, the costly stress, and also the finances and the journey and the studying.

Today I’m going to tell you what to do and how to do it so you can get the growth you want in a confident and assured way of certainty.

For you that might be growing by $10, $20 even 40k per month, to gain more control over your practice and to enjoy an awesome lifestyle of freedom.

Either way your goal is totally possible.

This method will help you get there faster and without the roadblocks and setbacks you’d otherwise encounter.

This is really going to help you reach those growth goals and make sure new patients just keep coming on demand and consistently all year around without needing your constant attention.

The problem with practice marketing for most people (like 95% of people) is that most of their marketing is manual.

Which means that you’re doing the legwork, no growth happens and it takes up your time.

When you’re chasing up opportunities you lose control of your time… Like kiss-chasey at school, that game where the boys chase the girls. Whenever you’re it they run.

There’s no plan for consistency.

So overall, the issue is your marketing is really reactive, it’s an afterthought. It’s ad hoc. It’s not process-driven, or it’s not even automated.

It means that getting to the next level is going to be extremely hard and even if you do get there, you’ll probably burn out.

If you’re not getting enough leads, you don’t know what’s working, you don’t have any strategy and that leads to stress and uncertainty.

I’m extremely confident that none of the reasons you went into business is to get uncertainty and stress in your life.

Certainly not for me, and I don’t want that for you guys.

So I want to see if we can totally flip things around by using a better way – a way that’s been helping my members to scale up to seven figures with confidence and speed.

I’ve designed it so that you guys can get a whole lot more predictability with your growth.

So guesswork is replaced with predictability because you’re following a proven and tested step-by-step system that gives you complete control.

When you’ve got control, and you’ve got a strategy that works, you get a flood of leads. Not just a flood of leads, but you get them all year round which puts you completely in charge.

There are four keys you need to be really focused on to rise to this level, and to be consistently winning in business.

We’re going to go through them: evergreen marketing, omni-channel, automation and engaging content.

1. You need to take an evergreen marketing approach.

What do I mean by evergreen? I mean marketing that literally runs all year round.

Having a marketing calendar where you’ve got all the bits and pieces in place, all the campaigns and all the perpetual projects and marketing campaigns that run all round year.

Some marketing you can automate to run all year round without the need for constant attention while others need your involvement, be that for strategy creation, project management, or even personal implementation.

These need to be planned in advance in your marketing calendar to ensure that you grow all year round.

You need to shift from a passive approach to taking complete control, planning out all of your marketing activities, then installing a system around this to make sure it sticks and you get the growth you need to achieve your goals.

My guys have got a marketing calendar in place they work from where they delegate out 90% or more of it to their team, but this is only possible because of the planning that goes into it at the beginning of the year or what happens right now to plan out the next 12 months.

All of my members have got 12 months of marketing planned out in advance, because that matches up perfectly with their goals.

It needs to be running evergreen. That’s the first key.

2. You need to go omni-channel

A question to you… Have you noticed that it’s getting hyper-competitive in your space?

Have you noticed that there are so many different channels to market your practice as well?

It’s quite simply overwhelming.

But here’s the thing; you cannot afford to put all your eggs in one basket.

You won’t get enough visibility or brand awareness if you only focus on a few of the marketing channels available.

For example, when SEO as a channel got smashed in 2012, a lot of practices had all their eggs in just one basket and they got absolutely hammered. I don’t want that for you now.

If these practices had a strategy in place across all the other channels, like my members did, then they would have barely noticed a blip in their results. Not even a blip.

You need to have an omni-channel approach for a couple of reasons – to protect yourself from change and to take advantage of the massive opportunity and benefits you'd be able to get from those platforms and marketing services on them.

You need to get greater visibility and this comes from repetition and visibility across multiple popular platforms, especially the social platforms and digital media marketing platforms.

3. Utilising automation

It becomes so much easier when your campaigns are pre-loaded, and they go out without your constant involvement and your energy.

They don’t need your constant attention but you do need a CRM – an email system that manages everything for you.

You need to use social media tools you can preload, like Co-Schedule which is one of my favourites.

We preload our Facebook content so we know exactly when things are going out in advance.

You need to have the right analytics tools so you can assess how your automation is going and make tweaks when you need it.

You also need to use text automation which can be integrated inside your CRM so people can hear from you on text and email.

One of the first things we do for our members do when they join our program is set up their automated marketing systems and give them a campaign immediately….a done-for-you campaign so they can run it and get a flood of new patients that want to work with them straight away.

Then we preload all their future promos in, set them up, and sit back.

That way they’ve got a perfect balance – every single month has a campaign going out.

Every single week, they’ve got content which is building that trust relationship with their database, and ensuring that everyone knows they know what they’re talking about and really increasing their brand profile.

4. Make your content really engaging

As you start becoming a marketer and building a marketing presence for your practice and healthcare company, you’ll realise that just releasing content is not enough.

Your brand needs to reflect who you are, have your flavour, and it needs to make you stand out for all of the right reasons. Not the wrong reasons, the right reasons.

It needs to be frequent. You need to be literally posting multiple times per week as well as keeping things fun and never repetitive.

I teach my guys how to do this using a game called Content Twister.

What it means is you become really prolific at pumping out relevant and spicy content, the type of content your audience want to hear about, so that you build your brand.

You also then get this constant stream of new leads pouring in.

Being prolific and producing content also makes you the obvious choice over your competition because it shows you know more, and that you are genuinely into what you do compared to your competition.

You want to pump out tonnes of engaging content so your audience can benefit from the content and also see that you are the pro.

Engaging means it’s got to be fun. It’s got to be relevant. It’s got to have plenty of personality.

It’s got to be constantly evolving, and it’s got to be surrounding the hot topics…I call them “hot buttons”.

I teach my members to do that using a little “game” (killer system) called Content Twister.

That means that every single quarter inside of one day; they can get all their content marketing sorted… which I think is pretty exciting.

Ever felt creating content was simply too hard and time consuming?

I’ve got members who are literally creating a whole quarter of videos inside just one day! They can plan them all inside just an hour.

So that raises a question, how do you get started producing content like this if you’ve never done it before?

Or you’re doing it, but you’re not translating that into results?

It’s actually really easy when you know how.

Well that’s where this resource comes in, it’s my go to resource every time I need to write content.

It’s the Content Twister System my members are using!

This is a proven new patient getting marketing system that teaches you how to attract a flood of new patients consistently with the minimal effort or time on your part.

It’s a tried and tested method for attracting new patients, multiplying your referrals and instantly re-activating old patients by producing engaging content that your audience wants to read, watch and share.

I think the Content Twister System could be such a game changer for your practice that I’m even running a special offer at the moment.

You can now get your hands on this training at the lowest ever cost.

At the crazy price of $7 you can’t afford not to take advantage of the explosive tactical training.

If you take up my offer on this exclusive promotion you’ll see your confidence soar and be shooting your first vid in no time at all.

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