Which of these 3 mistakes are you making with your marketing?

Which of these 3 mistakes are you making with your marketing?

I’ve helped a lot of healthcare practices in my time.

Believe me when I say I’ve seen my fair share of failed campaigns and strategies.

Some of them are real doozies.

I can tell you there are three MAJOR mistakes that healthcare professionals make with their marketing.

And they are dire.

You must get your new patient attraction right.

Without a consistent stream of new patients coming to your practice you simply can’t grow.

It doesn’t matter how good you are or what you do, you need to be as good at marketing and filling your practice as you are at providing a healthcare service.

If you don’t then you’ll get stuck having roller coaster ups and downs with your practice numbers, you’ll be chasing new patients constantly, financially you won’t get anywhere and…

Ultimately it will really affect the quality of your professional and personal life.

Way too many of you guys are making one of these major mistakes with your new patient marketing strategy.

Which one are you making?

And even more importantly how much is it costing you?

I’ve made it my mission to develop a campaign that practice owners can send out straight away to fix this very problem.

It’s taken years but the kinds of success my members are seeing from it make it worth all the while.

I’d love to share with you some of the results that our members are getting with it.

But first, let’s dive into those pesky mistakes that are holding you back!

Number 1:

The first problem is that you’re more than likely focusing on too many different marketing channels and spreading yourself way too thin.

Far too often, I see a practice owner that’s trying to Google and Facebook pay per click advertising, they’re trying to do partnership promotions, they’re trying to catch up with referral sources, they’re trying to pump up their social media, they’re trying to work their database and they’re doing it all at once.

The end result is this… none of them end up working because they are using a reactive rather than a proactive and well-planned marketing strategy.

The result is that they end up all over the map and they don’t have a strategy to follow.

That’s the first mistake.

You can’t automate and scale a marketing strategy if you can’t get it to work with predictability and ROI first!

Make one channel work, automate it and only then should you look at the next channel.

Number 2:

The second mistake that I see is that practice owners aren’t approaching each new patient generation channel with enough focus.

The problem here is that, because they’re darting all over the place, they’re not spending enough time tweaking and sharpening each new patient generator.

They try the marketing medium once without a well-planned strategy and when it doesn’t work the way that they intended, they blame the medium (without any thought of the strategy) and stop marketing with that medium again.

The overall outcome of this is that none of their marketing works the way that they should and they just end up getting nowhere.

So the first mistake that they’re making is that they’re using too many channels and the second one is they’re not focusing on each channel enough with a real strategic focus.

Number 3:

The third most common mistake when attracting attract new patients is not measuring your results.

If you’re doing all these different things to attract new patients but you’re not actually measuring the marketing results – how can you make any progress?

If you don’t know what’s working, how do you know where to put all your energy or where to focus your marketing investment?

How do you know what will improve your situation and how to do it?

Truth is, you don’t.

You can’t scale up what you can’t control.

It’s like gambling. It’s risky.

That ain’t how you should be approaching your business.

That’s mistake number three.

Now, when something is working (and you know it’s working because your statistics and KPI dashboard tell you that it is and how well), you need to systemise it so that it’s easily repeatable with a minimum amount of effort, then automate it so that it just keeps happening without your involvement.

This results in a constant stream of new patients filling your practice.

My rule of marketing is to:

  1. Make it up. That’s about creating it.
  2. Make it work. That’s about making it generate new patients.
  3. Make it report. That’s about KPI feedback so that you can clearly see your ROI.
  4. Make it repeat, faster and faster, more and more, all without your involvement. That’s about automation – which is what we are experts in.

So let me recap.

The three biggest mistakes that I commonly see when it comes to attracting new patients to a healthcare practice are:.

Number 1: Using too many new patient channels.

Number 2: Not enough focus or strategy – it’s adhoc and reactive.

Number 3: Not measuring results and as a result having no direction or strategy to rely on.

So which mistake are you making?

Is it 1, 2 or 3 or even all of them?

If this resonates with you or if this relates to you then take this on board and change your ways before you kiss goodbye to any more marketing dollars and miss out on any more new patients!

Here’s a pro tip:

To make your new patient marketing work, choose your channels, narrow your focus, measure your results and have a proactive long term strategic plan in place.

Now, I’ve got a question for you!

Would you like a step -by- step template that you can literally transplant into your practice immediately and start getting new patients?

It’s the campaign that took me years to develop so that practice owners like you can send it out straight away to fix these marketing mistakes.

This is exactly what’s possible with my Rapid New Patient Getting System.

You can literally, cut and paste it.

It’s easy to use and there’s even a template in there for you to complete so that you simply fill in the blanks and send it out to your email list or FB account to start getting new patients straight away.

It’s seriously taken years to develop but the kinds of success my members are seeing from it never cease to put a smile on my face.

One of my clients Grant did this for his physio practice, and he made $20K in extra business from the ONE email he sent.

And Boaz, he’s an osteo, he did it too and he got an extra 42 new bookings.

In fact, in the last month, dozens of practice owners have used it and sent me their results.

Their results are amazing, and the formula has worked every time it’s been tested.

Rob and Stephen, they run a physio and exercise physiology clinic, they got 50 new appts booked and make 25k from the promo.

How amazing is that?!

And Alisdair, he’s an osteo. He’d never done any marketing like this before, and he got 29 new bookings.

And Adele, she got 35 bookings from her promo.

The results are amazing, but more impressively, the results are predictable and reliable.

And the best part here is that it’s step by step and you can use it too.

To get a copy, there’s a link in my blog, all you need to do is click on the link and it will take you to the page where you can download this game changing resource.

What difference could it make it to you to gain control over your new patient flow?

Why don’t you click below and find out for yourself?

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I hope you enjoy the results that you get, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

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Crush it!


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