Are you leaking leads?

Are you leaking leads?

Whether you’re a physio, podiatrist, osteo, chiro or any other health professional in fact, I know exactly how hard you’re working for those leads right now.

It’s no doubt more competitive out there than ever before.

So when you do finally see those new patients come through the door, when they don’t book in your recommendations and just disappear it can be totally disappointing.

A lot of hard work for little reward…am I right?

So how bad is the leak in your new patient pipeline?

I was just talking to a new client yesterday and as it usually does, the conversation started off with Geoff wanting to attract a tonne of leads to his practice, which is a great thing to do mind you.

Geoff runs a great chiro practice and he wants to grow faster, in particular through online marketing.

During the course of our chat, Geoff told me about his Google AdWords and SEO strategies which he wanted me to take over and redo because it wasn’t working and he wanted to add in social media marketing as well so that he could completely dominate online.

So, the reason I’m sharing this story with you, is because something very interesting happened after our meeting.

As always, I assess a practice’s situation to see IF and HOW I can best help whenever I receive an inquiry because if I can’t help, then there’s no point in working together right?

And if I can, I need to know what impact we can both expect from my expertise in terms of growth.

So, back to Geoff.

Geoff approached us because he really wanted to get a tonne more leads online and that’s what we are known for, smashing it online.

Now, we assessed Geoff’s online campaign and it wasn’t what I would have done, but some elements were good and I expected that it would give him some good lead generation.

So, I investigated it further and made inquiries to his practice – and what we found was that there were no systems in place for phone conversion or even for tracking leads for that matter.

So, the confusing part was that Geoff wanted more leads, yet he didn’t know where his current leads were coming from, or what each lead was worth to him.

Terrible right?!

And it’s a common story.

Now, I totally agree that he should get more new patients, 100%, but before focusing on changing up strategies and applying a shot gun approach trying to change everything, we needed to critically assess everything and find out what should be changed and in what order.

Makes sense right?!

So, armed with this new information – Geoff was now given a new plan.

First of all, Geoff implemented a KPI and tracking dashboard and trained his team in how to record all lead generation and measure ROI.
Next, we installed phone conversion systems and overhauled the patient experience of their first day at the practice so that he could:

  1. Identify where leads were coming from.


  1. Convert them into long term patients of the practice.


Once this was all firing, his revenue was up 50%.

Now, we turned up the heat by addressing Geoff’s online lead generation.

One of the tactics we applied was to create a new patient magnet that speaks directly to Geoff’s target audience and installed this on his website and in his internal communications with patients.

Then we approached his pricing model and gave the practice an overhaul so that they could charge what they are actually worth and we trained the team in how to apply this to their practice without losing a single patient.

That resulted in another 20% increase in results.

So my point is, Geoff approached me thinking that his online strategy was the problem.

The reality is that there were heaps of small things going on behind the scenes that were crippling his growth, but these things, they aren’t what 99% of people look for, it’s what I call the invisible practice killers.

So sure, we did address Geoff’s online conversion strategy but this was just one of 12 things that we worked on over a 90 day period.

 With the right strategies and support Geoff added 60% to his bottom line.

Absolutely massive.

What would adding 60% to your bottom line look like to you if you could do that in just 90 days?

And this result is actually normal.

Those people that address the leaks in their new patient pipeline add an average of 50% to their bottom line and some much, much more.

Right off the bat this might sound too good to be true…

But after helping over 1200 practices worldwide to shift gears and grow with certainty and confidence, we’ve got pretty darn good at helping people get rapid results.

To learn more click on the link below to join me for my next free online workshop where you can learn that it really is possible to break the $1 million dollar barrier within your private practice.

You’ll learn why marketing and chasing new patients is NEVER the answer to REAL or LASTING profits – and what you need to do instead.

It’s not for everyone, so if we find that we can’t help you add 50% or more, we will politely let you know.
I wouldn’t want to waste your time.

If we find that we can help, then we’ll invite you to apply when we have an opening as we can only take so many practices through the training at a time.

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