How to Gain Control of Your New Patient Numbers

How to Gain Control of Your New Patient Numbers

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep a really close eye on what is driving your practice.

In my opinion, KPI’s are really are the GPS of your business.

They show you where you are at any given point in time.

For example, if you wanted to become a better runner over 5km, your KPI would be the time it takes you to run that distance, or if you were trying to lose weight, what the scales tell you would the KPI of how you are performing.

So it’s essential to have a strong handle of your what’s driving your practice.

If you don’t have a strong handle over this and your finger on the pulse – you’re going to be constantly in a reactive rather than pro-active position, you won’t have control and you’re really not going to get the growth that you want.

So what should you be measuring and looking for in your marketing ROI?

Well, I have a very different answer for you!

You’ll definitely be surprised at how important it is to be using this in your practice.

So – first of all, yes you need to measure where every single new patient need comes from, it’s business disaster town if you do not have a dashboard that is measured, recorded and presented to you or your business manager daily.

Simply having a patient report on their initial paperwork where they found you is not only slow and unreliable, it’s actually completely misleading.

Let me show you how you need to change things out the front desk and why!

Right now, your audience are able to follow you across so many different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Google, retargeting banner ads just to name a few.

In the past, before there were so many platforms and before there was so much cross over between platforms – you could clearly and easily see where each lead, or each new patient inquiry came across you, and then you could measure ROI and so on.

BUT! And it’s a big BUT! Now, you cannot do the same.

Why? Well, it has to do with what we call the difference between the first click and the action taking click.

Stay with me on this!

In the past, someone would simply click on your Google ad – pre FB ads, and they’d call your practice to make an appointment.

There were limited other options for people to see you and you could track your leads and their source much more cleanly.

But now, someone can click on your Google ad, go to your website and they bounce off – you know, they decide not to take action right now, at that point in time.

But because they’ve visited your website, and you’ve got a FB retargeting pixel on there and you can retarget them with Facebook ads and blog content – that lead has not disappeared forever.

In fact, as a result of your follow up campaigns by creating a brand and follow up strategy on Facebook – they still make take action and book an apt with you.

But when they do – where do you accredit the lead source? It is Google or FB?

And that’s where the lines get blurred.

You see, they found you on Google, were followed up by you on FB, and ultimately may have taken action after reading a blog on your site that they were driven to by an ungated blog on FB – sounds tricky right? It’s not really.

But what makes it frustrating is that when this person books in with you, despite the fact that they found you on google, then followed you on FB, they’ll likely only cite reading your blog or “seeing you online” as their source for where they found you.

And this is not accurate… It was the combination of the two.

That is why you need a comprehensive strategy that combines the power of your digital, social media and content marketing strategy.

Then when you measure your ROI of you marketing – because of the cross over – you really need to measure the ROI of your marketing as a whole.

You can no longer measure individual results, that is only going to mislead you and take you off track.

I hope you found this really helpful!

If you did, and you want to get more control over your marketing results, I’d love you to join me give for an upcoming training I’m running on how to take your marketing from a trickle to a flood and give you control over it.

In fact, I’ll even share with you the real answer behind making real and lasting profits from your marketing.

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