Often, I have clients say – “I want to focus on word of mouth marketing”. “…I want more word of mouth”. To that I say – No. What you actually want is to get more
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Instagram, but how do you actually use it to grow your practice? Maybe you just think it’s all a bit of hype and you
Do you want prospective patients to know that you’re the expert in your field? Do you want people to be hanging for your next social media post? Social media is a must in helping you
It’s time to step-up and show everyone that you’re the expert around here. It’s time to stop chasing after new Patients. It’s time to have patients looking to you for help and advice.   But
  You’ve probably heard the term “Facebook Algorithm” thrown around a fair few times… But what does it ACTUALLY mean? More importantly, what does it ACTUALLY mean for you as a practice owner? Well the
One of the first things any growing practice asks is how can I find cost-effective, (yet still ACTUALLY effective ways) to get more new patients. Well, what if I told you the most inexpensive, and
Enter the “VALUE LADDER”. What is it? Well a value ladder is certainly not something at the hardware shop you can buy, climb and magically grow your practice. No, a VALUE LADDER is a proven
What if I told you that there’s a whole heap of little known FB hacks that can help take your practice’s business page to a whole new level! A lot of people don’t know about
Everyone receives so many emails, every single day, but how do you really get noticed? How do you get people to actually click and make that appointment? After all of all the emails you get,
  It takes a lot of commitment, drive, and dedication to get a practice started. You have to go through what feels like an eternity of schooling. You have to get licensed. You have to
  Are you taking advantage of Facebook Live to create awareness, build a following and getting prospective patients to love you before they even walk in the door? If that’s a no, then you’re missing
  As a practice owner, planning content for your blog can be quite an overwhelming and annoying process. After all you’re a practitioner, not a copywriter! Sometimes it’s a huge stretch just deciding what you
  In the private practice world, there’s just not enough emphasis put on marketing your practice. And to market in a way that helps you grow a sustainable business so that you can actually do
  Do you want to become the go to practice in your space? If that’s a yes, it’s important to remember that 70% of all consumer traffic is now video. The premier platform to market,
The key to building a thriving private practice — and helping the most people — is getting yourself in front of as many potential patients as possible. And in today’s world, what's the best way
 When it comes to putting your practice out into the world of social media, it can be hard to know where you should start. There’s no doubt that you’ll run into all kinds of