The New 5 Step Facebook Ad Structure to Grow Your Private Practice

The New 5 Step Facebook Ad Structure to Grow Your Private Practice


Facebook have just announced HUGE changes to their platform and you need to know what they are because they affect how well your Facebook campaigns will perform.

Join Tristan and Sarah as they share with you the latest changes to Facebook, how they relate to you, and of course, what you can do to stay ahead of the curve!


  • The Number 1 mistake that health professionals make when it comes to marketing on Facebook and how you can avoid this campaign killer!
  • The most recent changes Facebook have announced and why you MUST change your current strategy to stay relevant or be rendered obsolete on the world’s most powerful platform.
  • The New 5 step Facebook ad formula to attract your ideal patients consistently and with predictability.


Facebook is our favourite marketing platform, but you’ve got to be up to date with all the changes or you’ll be wasting your efforts and time spent on this channel.

Make Facebook your new favourite marketing platform by applying the little known secrets inside this episode!
You’re going to love this episode, especially the BIG REVEAL we share at the 3 min mark!

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Landing Page Software


How to Structure Your Facebook Ad:


Actions to Get Started

Create a Facebook business account so that you can run ads (
Create a Facebook live or video that will be posted on your Facebook Business page
Boost a post for 20ks around your clinic
Set the budget for $10 per day
Leave the targeting broad (male & female 20-50+)

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Check out these highlights:

[1.11] Why Facebook is our favourite platform to market on and why it’s so important for your business to be utilising it.

[3.10] How changes to the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm will affect your ads reach and what to do about it.

[10.06] The number one reason why health professionals fail with Facebook and how to ensure your offer is irresistible.

[15.38] How to construct a Facebook ad correctly so it speaks directly to your audiences wants and needs

[20.35] Our secret tips and tricks to produce eye grabbing ad creative that gets approved and better yet, gets clicks.

[31.00] Where to get started even if you’ve never run a Facebook ad before.

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