[CASE STUDY] Management Secrets of Ultra Successful Practice Owners

[CASE STUDY] Management Secrets of Ultra Successful Practice Owners


Growing and managing a team is hard.

Knowing what to say, when to say it, even “how” to handle situations so that you can get what you need from your team in a way that “fits” your personality and doesn’t make you feel pushy is the key.

It’s so challenging that it’s no wonder most people accept under-performance from their teams, work excessive hours to mop up for mistakes and struggle in business.

Inside today’s episode you’ll hear from two dynamic healthcare professionals who have turned their businesses and lives around by installing a step-by-step management system.


  • How to turbo charge your team’s performance no matter how they are performing right now.
  • The tools that Neesha and Sarah used in their physio practices to take charge, ignite their profits and create businesses that don’t depend on them any longer.
  • The “unspoken” management mistake that virtually every healthcare professional makes and how this sets you up to lose control from the outset (and what you should do instead)
  • Why the corporate management approach fails healthcare practices and how to lead without your team feeling “micromanaged”


This is a behind the scenes interview with two amazing healthcare professionals who are growing wildly successful businesses with a modern and fun approach to team management and leadership.

These management secrets will enable you to scale your healthcare practice without being pushy!

You’ll love this episode!

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Check out these highlights:

[5.23] The bad habits you must break to be successful in managing and leading a team

[9.12] The biggest myths around management debunked

[14.25] Management tools and systems that can be used daily to create a peak performance environment

[21.32] How to get your team on the same page and avoid the big hiring challenges

[24.49] Why you need a clear accountability structure to lead a winning healthcare team

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