Video Marketing Secrets for Health Professionals

Video Marketing Secrets for Health Professionals


Do you want to grow your healthcare brand and attract a limitless supply of the “right type” of new patients?

I’m betting the answer to that question is a resounding heck yes!

Well, this episode is exactly what you want and need.

Learn how to use video marketing to power your brand, create powerful and far reaching awareness and build a pipeline of new patients hungry to work with you and your team.

Video marketing is the going to be the most effective, profitable and predictable way to grow your practice this year. Join us for this game changing episode so that you keep up with the game:


  • Why video trumps all other forms of marketing and what you can do to take advantage of this media
  • How video marketing has nothing to do with being an extravert and everything to do with understanding your audience and following a simple step-by-step formula.
  • What to do when you want to generate leads fast and you don’t know where to start
  • The 6 step-by-step framework to make all your videos pop online and position you like a total professional and authority
  • The Video Boss FormulaTM that our clients use to rapidly create engaging video that builds followers, fans, patients and referrals on demand and how you can use it too. (N.B this secret framework makes video a snap even if you’ve never done video before)


As video marketing becomes the go-to for the majority of savvy healthcare businesses, you need to follow a proven strategy to rise above the noise and stand out in the right way.

In this episode you’ll learn the tightly held video tactics and strategies that we’ve never shared before outside the walls of Practice Acceleration.

We hope that you love this episode!

Here are the links mentioned in this episode:

The Video Boss Formula

  • You’ll learn how to go from stuck for words to sounding and looking like a BOSS on camera
  • The 6 simple steps you need to know to create engaging videos that generate not just “likes” and “followers” but a flood of new patients and referrals
  • The 60 second video creation hack that takes you from “idea” to engaging and shareable marketing material by just following the steps.



Check out our clients Video Boss Wins:



Check out these highlights:

[2.05] The easiest way to build trust with your audience while showing your personality and expertise in the field

[5.40] How to differentiate yourself from your competition so you are no longer a commodity competing on price and finally charge what you’re worth

[7.20] The video strategy Adelaide podiatrist, Will used to get over 113K views and generate up to 3 new patients per day

[11.59] How to choose a hot topic for video that captures the attention of your audience in different stages of awareness

[13.40] The video framework you can use to make creating videos simple

[18.13] What you need to create your own professional video studio setup in your practice

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