The Fastest Way to Get Predictable New Patients at Profit

The Fastest Way to Get Predictable New Patients at Profit


It’s baaaack…. Push button tactics to grow your healthcare practice!

Attracting new leads to your health business doesn’t need to be complex. Funnel this, retarget that, it doesn’t need to be so involved.

In fact, the simpler your strategy, the easier it will be to implement, measure and ultimately….work!

In this episode of The Practice Acceleration Podcast we revisit our all time favourite marketing strategy to attract the right clients to your health business with confidence, predictability and best of all, simplicity.

With a few tweaks, our old favourite platform has become our new favourite platform again!


  • Why it’s time to replace complexity with simplicity in your practice marketing
  • How to position yourself on mobile searches so that your ideal audience gravitate towards you
  • The 3 most common mistakes that health business owners make with online marketing and what you should do instead
  • The easiest way to get new leads for your practice at the push of a button (anyone can do this)

It’s time to ditch overly complicated marketing strategy and focus on what works.

Learn how to grow with confidence and simplicity in this game changing episode!

Check out these highlights:

[2.17] How AdWords provides a more measurable and cost-effective result than TV, radio and newspaper advertising.

[6.10] How to use Google AdWords to benefit your Facebook marketing and get more leads

[7.53] How our clients are getting 882% ROI from AdWords and how to understand yours

[12.21] What to consider when structure your AdWords for the best possible result

[13.20] The biggest mistake that people make with their AdWords that is burning leads and what to do instead.

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