(CONTROVERSIAL) Why you need to hire youth over experience.

(CONTROVERSIAL) Why you need to hire youth over experience.


Forget everything you’ve ever been told about hiring, training and managing health professionals.
It’s all WRONG.

TO grow your health business you need to assemble, nurture and manage the best team to support you.
But, one simple hiring mistake can set you back months, cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the stress and disharmony it can cause for your team.

The solution is easier than what you might think.
Join Tristan the CEO and Sarah Pappas the Business Growth Officer at Practice Acceleration as they reveal why you should be turning to youth to make your next hire.


  • How culture trumps qualifications in today’s fast paced world of health business and how to shape yours for success.
  • Why experience is the last thing you should be looking for in a hire, and what you should look for instead.
  • The most expensive hiring mistake we ever made and the life changing lessons we learned to accelerate forward immediately afterwards.
  • What you need to install in your recruitment process to ensure you create a team of peak performers that are committed to your movement.


To achieve success in your health business you need the right team in your corner.

In this episode you’ll learn secret hiring and training tips straight from the Practice Acceleration tool box to assemble the perfect team for you.

We hope that you love this episode!

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The Staff Recruitment System

  • A Proven System To Identify Who You Need In Your Team and How To Attract Them Fast!
  • Discover how to perform core skill analysis to drill down to more and more specific traits that your next hire needs to possess.
  • Learn how to create the perfect ad that magnetically pulls the right people towards you even in the most crowded market place
  • Learn how to take control of any interview so that you own the frame and set the tone from the beginning (no more getting interviewed by your future staff)



Check out these highlights

[1.40] The problem with hiring ultra experienced healthcare professionals vs new graduates

[5.18] How to avoid resistant people and hire those who want to be led as part of a great team culture

[8.51] Why personality testing is vital in the recruitment process to determine a great fit for your organisation

[9.55] The step by step hiring process that will help you avoid reactive decision making and own the frame instead

[13.10] How to develop an onboarding process that sets your new hire up for success

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