How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Practice [Part 2]

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Practice [Part 2]


Part two of our Instagram series has arrived!

If you’ve been left scratching your head as to what you’re meant to post on Instagram we’re about to set the record straight.

Hot tip: It’s not pictures of your dog.

Most people have heard of Instagram or might use it personally… but have you thought about how it can get new patients to your practice?

Instagram is in fact our new favourite platform!

In this day and age consumers are doing plenty of scrolling and choosing the brands they want to work with based on personality.

Same goes with your potential patients!

With over 800 million users and growing rapidly (up by 100 million since April!), Instagram is the ideal place to show off your brand and become omni-present when it comes to your practice’s marketing.

In the second of our 3-part Instagram series we’ll be covering exactly what and how you should be posting along with the style guidelines and engagement system you should follow.

It’s time to develop a strategic and intentional Instagram marketing plan if you really want to build a strong community for your business and see real results.

We hope you love this episode!

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Click Here to Download our Instagram Content Scheduler

Check out these highlights:

[2.38] How often and when you should post in order to maintain front of mind status.

[4.24] The top content themes you can rotate through to engage followers and achieve your goals.

[6.43] Our favourite 60 second content idea that offers your audience tremendous value and builds trust without being pushy or salesy.

[7.49] How being unapologetic about what you believe in and what you don’t believe in can get you more followers and patients.

[14.40] The style guidelines your branding should follow to be distinct and stand out on the platform.

[15.45] The engagement system that will boost interactions with your target audience of prospective patients.

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