How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Practice [Part 1]

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Practice [Part 1]


Most people have heard of Instagram or might use it personally… but have you thought about how it can get new patients to your practice?

Instagram is in fact our new favourite platform!

In this day and age consumers are doing plenty of scrolling and choosing the brands they want to work with based on personality.

Same goes with your potential patients!

With over 800 million users and growing rapidly (up by 100 million since April!), Instagram is the ideal place to show off your brand and become omni-present when it comes to your practice’s marketing.

In the first of our 3-part Instagram series we’ll be touching on the basics of setting up an account and launching your brand to this exciting platform the right way.

We’ll show you how to optimise for Instagram while enhancing your branding and personality with ease.

We hope you love this episode!

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Click Here to Check Out Our Instagram Page


Check out these highlights:

[3.11] Why Instagram is the perfect place to target your practice’s ideal patients.

[7.09] If you’ve never used Instagram before this is where to start setting up your Instagram business account.

[9.31] Creating the perfect Instagram username to help people find you easily.

[11.12] Exactly what to include in your bio first for a follow worthy first impression.

[13.39] How to choose your Instagram profile photo for great discoverability and brand scent.

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