5 Mistakes Most Practice Owners Make Managing Their Team

5 Mistakes Most Practice Owners Make Managing Their Team


Very few people in the world are natural born leaders. Even those who seem to excel in the field, it’s not likely due to some kind of innate ability.

When it comes to management not only do I see a ton of mistakes being made, but it’s also an area that creates a whole lot of stress and overwhelm for practice owners.

In fact, I see 5 big performance killing mistakes that most practice owners make when managing and leading their teams.

The good news? These mistakes can be avoided!

In this episode we’ll not only pull back the curtains on these stumbling blocks so that you can avoid them but also reveal the best way to lead, manage, inspire and engage your team.

By avoiding these performance killing mistakes it’s possible to become the architect of your business rather than just the technician, this is an important shift, and it will take time.

It’s time to learn from the mistakes we see each and every day so that you can multiply your impact, create a peak performance team and free yourself from the management struggle.

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Check out these highlights:

[1.22] Why having role clarity is essential to every team members performance and will help them reach even your highest of expectations.

[3.17] The big reason your team are not meeting the goals you have in mind for them and how to turn things around immediately.

[5.11] How to avoid the “friend zone” as a great leader who demands accountability but also a friendly person at the same time.

[7.37] Why pay increases do not increase performance and what to do instead.

[11.45] The real reason you’re still in the business of spot fire management extinguishing staff drama.

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