How to get Massive Growth Consistently from ONE Simple Strategy

How to get Massive Growth Consistently from ONE Simple Strategy


How do you get massive growth in your private practice and continue to do that consistently without hitting roadblocks or going through roller coaster results?

Sure, some people have periods of enormous short surges in growth, but only to drop off again shortly after…

So what is the secret behind continuous and enormous growth?

Join Tristan, the CEO and Sarah Pappas the Business Growth Officer at Practice Acceleration as they reveal the strategy that has catapulted their success resulting in 100% year on year growth for the past 4 years (And it’s not what you think).


  • Why most practices react way too slowly and end up in roller coaster patterns as a result (and how you can break this cycle)
  • How to take decisive action with your business quickly and what criteria to base your decisions on.
  • The coffee conversation that completely changed how we do business forever and the crucial insights that had as gasping in shock.
  • The step-by-step weekly snapshot that will put you in the drivers seat for the best year of your life.


Inside this episode we get really personal in what we do behind the scenes at Practice Acceleration so that you can learn firsthand how we think, act and execute.

If you are finally ready to get honest with yourself about your business, then this episode is going to be a complete game changer for you!

Get ready for some truth bombs and enjoy the episode!

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CLICK HERE to Download our Example KPI Dashboard


Check out these highlights:

[1.02] Identify which of the three stages of business growth you are currently experiencing.

[4.49] How to make quick and confident business decisions before a problem arises by developing a KPI dashboard.

[5.57] The key numbers you need to measure within your dashboard to track success and achieve your goals.

[8.45] How to allocate KPI tracking responsibilities to your team which improves accountability and performance.

[13.09] The weekly meeting framework to take control of your practice and smash your goals

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