The Lag Effect in Your Practice

The Lag Effect in Your Practice


So what exactly is the lag effect?

…and how is it affecting your practice!?

Well the lag effect is the amount of time it takes to get results after starting or finishing an activity.

Of course it will take some time to see results after you just start doing a new thing (like the gym for example).

Well same goes for your practice – think marketing tactic, management style, class type. The average time it takes to really see lasting results is 90 days.

In this episode we talk about not just this delayed onset lag effect, but also the reverse lag effect.

Reverse lag is more damaging, because people are generally not aware of it.

It’s when you stop doing something that was actually working… then some time later the lag kicks in and your results are suddenly way off.

Have you ever experienced this?

I see it happen all the time!

So today I’ll show you how to be aware, plan, persist, play the long game & give you the tools to get some quick wins and momentum on the board.

When you’re aware and know what to do about it better equipped to get out there and win.

After all – momentum creates momentum.

We hope you love this episode!

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Check out these highlights:

[3.57] All you need to know about the two different types of lag effect.

[7.43] How avoiding the lag effect can be as easy as planning and measuring your KPA’s & KPI’s.

[9.38] Why quick wins are important in gaining momentum, confidence and bouncing back.

[11.57] How we fell victim to the lag effect and what we did to get our motivation back up.

[15.00] The important questions you need to ask yourself if you find yourself affected by lag.

[18.43] Three tactics you can use right away to get back on track and create massive momentum.

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