Talking Practice Management with Nookal CEO Darren Rieck

Talking Practice Management with Nookal CEO Darren Rieck


Still dealing with mountains of patient records and constantly chasing up your staff to see if those clinical notes have actually been completed?

This guy will have something to say about that!

Darren Rieck is the CEO of Nookal, a cloud based practice management system that helps you analyse and report on what’s going on in your business at the touch of a button.

With over 20 years experience as a physio and the owner of multiple practices – Darren has a unique and extensive perspective on what allied health companies need and delivers.

Just like Practice Acceleration, Nookal serves physio, chiro, osteo, podiatrist, massage and naturopath clients around the globe.

In this episode Tristan and Darren sit down to discuss this leading practice management software and how it’s improving more practices each day in new ways.

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Check out these highlights:

[2.33] So what is Nookal exactly? Hear directly from the CEO about this cloud-based practice management system.

[7.06] The 6 key areas of business metrics Nookal measures and breaks down to help practice owners advance their businesses.

[8.47] While there are so many different things you can track and measure in your practice – we talk why compliance/acceptance rates are one of the most important.

[10.09] Sick of constantly chasing up whether your staff have completed their clinical notes? Here’s the solution!

[12.35] How Darren has transformed difficult to manage front office workflows to helping them perform at their peak.

[13.42] The future of Nookal when it comes to facial recognition and artificial intelligence.

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