How to Start Giving Away Responsibility and Delegating Tasks

How to Start Giving Away Responsibility and Delegating Tasks


It’s time to launch project delegate and elevate!

Working for long hours and handling too much work over a long period of time will eventually start wearing you down.

You can’t keep ball juggling and putting out fires every day – you’ll gradually become less and less effective.

The key here is to delegate tasks that save you time, help you become more productive and ultimately increase your value within the business.

But we all know you can’t just palm off the jobs you don’t want and cross your fingers they’ll be done correctly (fat chance).

There needs to be a system!

If your schedule is overloaded it’s time to apply these 10 strategies to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to others, so you can take things to the next level!

Most people only work at half of their full productivity – it’s time to stop doing it all yourself and spend your time where it’s most valuable.

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Check out these highlights:

[3.40] How delegating will help you to become a better manager and receive maximum return for the work you distribute.

[5.37] Identifying what needs to be delegated so you can focus on high priority tasks and stay in your genius zone!

[9.35] The best way to ensure everyone is held to accountability in their role.

[10.57] The follow up system to install amongst your team and ensure a successful environment where everyone can reach their goals.

[12.52] How to get collaborative feedback after delegating a task and review performance, to consistently upskill the team.

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