The Enemy Within Your Practice

The Enemy Within Your Practice

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You’ve probably poured hours and energy into planning the year ahead, but have you prepared for what happens when it doesn’t go to plan?

It’s a common mistake made by MANY practice owners.

The number one reason that plans fail is because emotions get the better of us, distract us and ultimately derail our plans.

Practice owners can get off track by what we call triggers – the enemy within your practice.

In this episode of the Practice Acceleration podcast you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what triggers are and how to beat them so you don’t get off track from your yearly plan.
  • How to deal with the non-negotiable triggers that happen to everyone and how to turn them into a positive instead.
  • The importance of creating replacement behaviours and how you can implement these into your practice.

If you want to stick to your 2020 plans and beat the enemy within your practice, then listen to this episode NOW.

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