5 Facebook Mistakes Throttling Your Growth Right Now

5 Facebook Mistakes Throttling Your Growth Right Now


There are 5 big mistakes healthcare professionals make with online marketing

You could be making them without even knowing…

Let’s face it, as a health professional you’d rather be treating patients right?!

And we agree, that’s where you are AMAZING.

But to be able to help your clients, you need a steady stream of demand for your services…

…enter the marketing dilemma.

  • Marketing takes time
  • It’s getting more complex
  • It’s changing SO fast.

All of which make it easier to make costly mistakes.

Mistakes that cost you money, time and energy.

There are 5 common mistakes healthcare professionals make with online marketing that hurt their businesses.

In this episode, we reveal what they are, so that you can avoid them in your health business.

Listen to the 5 most common mistakes in healthcare marketing right now and make a change today!

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Check out these highlights:

[2.10] Why you need to post more video content to get the reach you want in a more cost-effective way

[3.48] Who you should be targeting with your Facebook ads

[4.51] How to know what campaign objective you should be using for different types of Facebook ads

[9.14] How to build trust with your audience and get them to take the next step

[11.06] Why you need to be using Facebook Pixels to retarget your audience

[12.27] How a Sydney physio went from 0 Facebook leads to 3 new patients per day simply by adjusting his ad targeting

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