Enter the “VALUE LADDER”.

What is it?

Well a value ladder is certainly not something at the hardware shop you can buy, climb and magically grow your practice.

No, a VALUE LADDER is a proven process that will structure your practice to first appeal to potential patients, then turn them into raving fans that refer like crazy.

It’s called ascension – AND IT WORKS!

So how are you providing your patients with value from start to finish?

While we’re all taught to see a patient seeking help and fix their presenting problem…it’s time to start thinking about how you can provide them with an even better experience and see your practice stand above the rest in service!

Want to know how you can best serve your patients as they progress through their patient journey with you? Keep reading…


How It Works

The value ladder provides your practice with a structure, to enhance the patient experience by offering different products or services that can improve patient’s treatment plan.


There are two-fold benefits when it comes to this:

  1. Your clients will have more options available, and they are more likely to find something that fits their needs.
  2. As your clients condition improves, they climb up the ladder and continue to benefit from all you have to offer instead of discharging themselves.


At first, your prospective patient might just be looking for inexpensive or free options at the bottom end of your ladder, but as they realise what they want (a solution to their problem), they’ll start to climb the ladder to not only take advantage of your services but also more premium services you have on offer.

Once they’re benefitting from the great job you’re doing, there’s a good chance they’ll trust that you know the best way forward to help them get better faster!

So let’s give them what they want and do exactly that!



So how do we start the climb?

The first step is to offer something that has the potential to peak the interest of potential new patients.

This is easy. Lets think about some of the most valuable things you could giveaway for free (at little to no cost)


Some of the most common examples are:

  • How-To Videos
  • Special Offers
  • E-Books/Guides
  • Blog Posts


Offering freebies is a great way to attract people to your website. Not everyone is immediately going to book an appointment after seeing your brand name, but you can certainly help them across the line.

It’s time to show your brands personality and all that you have to offer in terms of expertise!


After all, everyone loves freebies (and they’re certainly powerful in persuasion).

If you provide something valuable to your potential patient, they are more likely to give something back in return and build that trust factor.

So, the next time they need an appointment, they’ll likely choose you simply because they have benefited in the past from your generosity and expertise.


The First Offer

Now you’re going to finally make that offer to your potential patients.

This can come in the form of affordable products and services, whether is a discount consult, treatment package or cheap product.

At this stage you’re starting to qualify your clients.

Some of the prospects you acquired at the first stage, will still be looking for free stuff, while others will be eager to start their journey with you.


Ascending the ladder

So you’ve got that initial commitment, NOW you’re going to start pushing the patient up the ladder.

These services will start requiring bigger financial commitments than freebies or your initial offer, but it will also provide greater value.

You’ve got them going! They’re climbing!

As clients keep moving up stages, you are continuously building trust with them.

Trust takes a while to build and that’s why it’s necessary to have several levels of your products or services.

Slowly mention fast-track treatment options, offer longer session packages and discuss the ways you can make their performance or goals even easier to reach!

REMEMBER - more often than not, clients decide to work with you based on VALUE, not PRICE.

By using the value ladder structure, you should be able to win your client’s trust and highlight how value and price are not related.

Make sure your patients understand the value you;re offering, so when their needs start to change, they trust that you are delivering kind of products and services that will be most beneficial

They want your help…

Even if it costs a little more.

NEED some more tips on how to get the ball rolling when it comes to turning a potential patient who knows nothing about your clinic into an absolute raving fan?

Check out my podcasts on the New Patient Journey (parts 1 and 2) which dives deeper into how you can turn these prospects, into patients then into FANS step by step!



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