The New Patient Journey [Part 1]

The New Patient Journey [Part 1]


We all love those patients who are raving fans of your practice – they post about you on Facebook, they tell all their friends, they leave you reviews…. don’t you wish you had more of those?

I’m sure the answer to that is a HELL YES!

Ever wondered how this actually happens? How you can go from being virtually unknown to having a tribe of loyal followers who not only keep coming back but also influence so many others to do the same?

In this two-part series we’re talking about the new patient journey, which covers exactly how it happens and how you can get more dream patients to follow suit.

You’ll get access to our new patient ascension ladder model and dive deep into the first three phases – awareness, engagement and subscription.

Tune in to this episode and go behind the scenes of what we do with our high end clients for best ways to get your marketing out there, get known and see patients come through again and again.

By moving through this proven framework we can take a clinic from being completely unknown to very busy, very fast because just by following the system.

We hope you love this episode!

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Click Here to Download Our New Patient Ascension Ladder

Check out these highlights:

[3.08] An overview of our patient ascension ladder which shows how people go from not knowing you exist, all the way to becoming your biggest raving fans.

[6.54] How you can differentiate yourself and stand out in the awareness phase.

[11.39] The real reason people aren’t booking in from your marketing and exactly what you need to do to fix it.

[18.50] The best ways to create content on social media everyone wants to like, share and improves overall engagement with your brand.

[21.10] The mistakes we see practice owners make that break the patient ascension ladder.

[22.15] How to get more prospects on your email list and entering the subscribe phase through these micro commitments.

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