7 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas for Practice Owners

7 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas for Practice Owners


We get it… coming up with content for Facebook can be a challenge!

But the key to building a thriving private practice — and helping the most people — is getting yourself in front of as many potential patients as possible.

And in today’s world, what's the BEST way to do that?


We all know it’s an important tool for your practice and to stay competitive Facebook is a MUST, but we know developing a social media strategy can be a little intimidating.

In this episode we’re bringing you a bunch of post ideas to connect with your audience, increase your reach, and help you own the racecourse when it comes to FB!

So do YOU need a little help coming up with ideas for your practice's Facebook page?

Our Top 7 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas for Private Practice Owners will help you connect with your ideal patients (and drive them straight into your practice) just as they have been for our clients.

After listening you’ll be able to get out there and get posting today.

We hope you love this episode!

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Check out these highlights:

[3.11] How practice owners are using Facebook to build an attractive character that people like and trust which ultimately helps them get more new patients

[4.27] The easy way to create short educational videos your audience will love while building a human and likeable brand.

[6.03] The best way to share your personal story and practice’s vision in order to connect with your potential patients and utilise one of our favourite online marketing strategies.

[7.53] Why you should ask your audience questions on social media to get their insights and help serve them better.

[13.08] Our top tips on partnering with another business online to co-create content that’s mutually beneficial and will help increase your reach.

[14.44] The best way to show your audience that you’re immersed in what you do and giving back to community.

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