The Top Social Media Content Ideas to Build Your Practice

The Top Social Media Content Ideas to Build Your Practice

More than half the world’s population are now active on social media sites. Of course nowadays, social media is not just a place to socialise and reach out to family and friends.

It’s also where the entire healthcare industry – physios, osteos, podiatrists and chiros etc are all on the hunt for potential clients.

This is because customers nowadays turn to social media for recommendations.

In fact, 46% of users will now look to social media before making a buying decision.

Indeed, social media has become a place where healthcare practitioners connect with their potential patients and long-term patients as well.

In the healthcare industry, social media is one of the best tools to engage patients and foster new partnerships while demonstrating you’re the expert in your field.

Since social media has helped increase patient satisfaction while boosting brand reputation, it’s not surprising to see why countless healthcare professionals would jump onto the social media bandwagon.

So how do you combine social media and healthcare together to come up with successful marketing for the modern audiences?

Here are some tips to get you started:


1. Make Wellness a Lot More Fun

Health can be a pretty serious topic, but this doesn’t mean your brand should be boring. By injecting a little fun into your marketing campaigns, you’ll end up convincing your potential patients that they don’t need to dread the thought of visiting your clinic.

Check out some of these awesome posts our clients have been putting up:


These campaigns have been successful simply because they’re fun, interesting and show an all-around approach to healthcare.

What about launching a challenge? Or start your own themed week – eg “Tackle Tech Neck Week” where you launch a series of tips.

Encouraging people to make a change in their health and lifestyle will not only improve their quality of life but also help draw attention back to your brand when they document those changes on social media.


2. Go Viral by Appealing to Community Values

Social media is all about creating active relationships.

It’s been said that in every minute, there are 452,000 tweets sent, more than 120 new LinkedIn accounts created, and 900,000 logins on Facebook.

To be successful with your healthcare marketing campaign, you should know how to engage the community in such a way that it will trigger a positive image for your brand.

Viral marketing has created quite a buzz in the last few years and is used to refer to campaigns that rocket into popularity quickly while effectively capturing the attention of the target audiences.

Healthcare practices should take full advantage of viral marketing since your focus is a topic that a lot of people care about!

There’s no doubt that everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and cure injuries/long term health issues.

All you basically need to do is to look for ways to tap into a community that comprises of people who are willing to work for an important cause.

Collaborating with a charity or foundation for your campaign is also a great way to show to your patients that you truly care about them.

For instance, maybe your whole team is interested in supporting a fun run to raise awareness for a cause close to your community – you’ve got a wealth of content to produce right from training, to the day to the recovery.

Not only is it great for your brand but for an important cause as well!

3. Be a Source of Helpful Information

One of the most common reasons people get concerned as soon as they run into a health problem is the lack of information.

When a patient looks for a health professional, they will choose someone who can help them in their fight against problems that they don’t know much about.

One of the great things about healthcare marketing is that you’re able to show your clients that you’re well and truly the expert.

Today’s patients most often rely on the Internet to look for diagnosis of their daily aches and pains.

To be successful with your brand be willing to address all their questions before they walk through the door.

You can use your social media page to create epic video content and share useful links to articles and blogs that you believe your potential patients will find useful and could address some of their questions.

As the use of video becomes increasingly popular in social media nowadays, using Facebook Live can be a great way to connect with your target audiences particularly.

Q & A’s are something I do regularly as well as my clients! It’s the perfect way to get questions out in the open and prove you’re the expert.


4. Embrace Infographics

While it’s necessary to share valuable information within your healthcare marketing campaigns, it’s also important to share the information in a way that’s easy to understand and digest.

Most practitioners tend to use medical jargon when explaining things to their patients, but hard facts can get dry pretty fast when they are disseminated in social media.

When it comes to using social media for your marketing campaigns, you should make it more emotional, relatable, and interesting.

Try to come up with content for an audience that doesn’t know a lot about the healthcare industry.

The easiest approach to this is by assuming that you are reaching out to people who have no prior knowledge about your niche.


5. Empower Your Patients to Market for You

Finally, why waste your time stressing out about healthcare marketing when you can actually get your patients to do it for you?

Patient reviews are a great way to improve the credibility of your business and boost your visibility in social media.

As a matter of fact, 80% of people admitted that they would first go online if they need health information before visiting a professional.

If you’re trying to come up with content you shouldn’t overlook your customer ambassadors – I call them raving fans!

Sending out surveys to your patients after they’ve been to your clinic and getting feedback from them is another effective way to boost your social media presence.

Video testimonials from your patients are incredibly moving, especially if they include before and after pictures.

Just make sure you stick to guidelines and get the patient’s permission for any information that you want to share with the public.

Most importantly, ensure you give  a  ton  of  value  in  your  marketing.  Share valuable  and  useful  information  in  every  email,  video,  post,  blog


The  more  valuable  you  are,  the  more  you  will  build  a  following  of  the  right  tribe  for  you  and  grow  your  business  by  serving  patients  that  you  want  to  work  with.


If  you  need  some  more  tips  on  getting  the  ball  rolling  when  it  comes  to  social  media  marketing,  check  out  my  new  and  proven  marketing  frameworks  in  my  latest  FREE  masterclass.


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