The Industry’s Best Kept Secret That Can Get YOU New Patients By Next Week

The Industry’s Best Kept Secret That Can Get YOU New Patients By Next Week

Another day sitting in that consult room hoping and praying that a new patient will finally pick up the phone and fill some of that space in your diary today?

You’re certainly not alone.

I’ve come across so many health professionals telling me the same thing – new patients are harder to come by than ever before.

Have you come to the conclusion that potential clients simply aren’t picking up the phone like they used to?

I’ve got my first secret for you – you’re right, they’re not.

The current landscape in healthcare is ultra competitive and the tactics that might have worked for you filling those spots before simply won’t anymore.

I know what you’re thinking…

“I didn’t study for all those years to be stuck burying my nose in marketing research for all my days. I’m here to practice and help people.”

You’re right. You shouldn’t be tied up behind a desk wracking your brain on what options are possibly left to get new patients through the door.

So what are your options?

Having a solid client base and getting new patients through the door is the lifeblood of your business.

Just because you are providing the vital service of healthcare, it doesn’t make it any less important to see profit flowing through your business.

You probably didn’t get into this business thinking filling your books and getting clients through the door would be such a struggle.

You’re a highly trained professional – this was meant to be easy right?

An important word of advice – don’t start doubting yourself now.

The landscape of the industry is indeed changing to each day become a fiercer battleground for every patient.

But it doesn’t mean the good guys don’t win.

know for a fact there are still plenty of good guys out there winning.

I’ve spoken to them and boy have I learnt a lot.

What does work and what doesn’t work in this day and age has never been clearer to me.

So I tell you what, I want to give you good guys a leg up from what I’ve learnt.

I’ll give away my next secret now.

What is it? You ask. It’s not an easy one to digest.

Word of mouth referrals, ad hoc mail drops or even that sign on the main road all those cars go past WILL NOT keep your practice alive anymore… even if it did for many years before.

Businesses trying to rely on this simply won’t hack it out there anymore.

In this game of fierce competition for the next patient it’s easy to begin thinking the bottom line is you need the most money and the biggest marketing budget to win them over.

Let’s face reality here – you probably don’t have a multimillion dollar marketing budget.

Am I telling you that you need a big budget marketing extravaganza to get business flowing again?

Absolutely not!

By any means do not sit back in your chair now convinced of your defeat in filling those sparse appointment books.

Luckily I’ve got some more secrets for you.

I need you to ask yourself a question….

If good guys are winning (I swear I’m not lying) and they don’t have enormous marketing budgets on hand – then what on earth are they doing?

How are they getting by but not me?

I’m about to let you in on the biggest secret yet – exactly how to do it.

There are a few practices out there who are just thinking smarter rather than forking out more money.

What if you could wave a magic wand and send a message out to a bunch of potential clients that will have them busting to book in with you by next week?

I know magicians who have done this personally.

Well actually they’re not magicians at all, they’re smart practice owners!

Smart enough to implement a good tactic when they see it.

Let me tell you about the last practice owner I spoke to who tried their hand at this.

I started chatting with Boaz last week (an Osteo practice owner) and got him to send out one simple email that got him 6 new bookings immediately.

You read right, IMMEDIATELY.

Then by the end of the week he had 15 new patients booked in.

He got excited about his practice again and told me the list was growing by the hour.

By the next week 42 people had made inquiries into his services.

I know what you’re thinking…

What was in this crazy email? Was he selling magic, potions and quick fixes?

Of course not!

He’s an Osteo (with an amazing hipster hair cut)  – a healthcare professional just like you with the same expert knowledge and services to offer to clients in need.

Did Boaz spend days, weeks or months trying to craft this masterful email?

Of course not!

He followed a simple template.

On that note I hope you’re ready to be let in on my final secret which I know will get you very excited.

I can offer you this template.

It’s called my Instant New Patient Email Template.

It’s straightforward to follow and you can send it off by the end of the day.

It’s literally guaranteed to get new patients through the door.

You might even hit the jackpot like Boaz and have 6 new patients booked in! (No guarantees it will give you a cool hair cut though)

I know what you’re thinking again…

“Here comes the sales pitch. What ridiculous amount does he expect me to pay for this so called ‘magic’ tool?”

Guess what, I don’t want you to pay for it at all.

I’d like you to swipe it from me right now, for FREE.

I don’t want you to sit in an empty practice room waiting and wondering how long it will be until you might see a new face.

I want the good guys to win again.

I want you to make like my smart friend Boaz and see the dollars roll in.

I’d love to hear how you go with it.

And if you do need more help or super secrets to get business pumping again all you have to do is hit me up and I’d be happy to help.

No million dollar marketing budgets here.

Let’s wave that magic wand today.

It’s only a click away.

Click here to download the Instant New Patient Email NOW!


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