Practice Owners Guide to Making Video Marketing Your Best Friend

Practice Owners Guide to Making Video Marketing Your Best Friend


Whenever you press the record button with the intention of getting closer to the business goals of your healthcare practice, then that’s called video marketing.

Live social media stories to Instagram, and even to the most well polished webinars, video marketing is available in every imaginable format, size, and shape.

Consider your other marketing content such as e-Books, social media, infographics, blogs, etc. The same content can be converted into a simple video, and you’ll be able to get into the video marketing game.

So Why Now?

In this world we live in where fake news and chatbot customer service are all over the place, it has become even more difficult for those in the healthcare industry to earn the trust of their customers.

However words on the page will always come second to real human interaction. Almost every time people prefer and choose to watch a video that’s authentic.

Video marketing is a popular and powerful medium of communication in this world.

So how come it’s now spreading like wildfire in the world of marketing?

Well it’s because smartphones, YouTube, and social media sites have all made it incredibly easy and cheap to create and watch videos.

How many times a day do you see someone with a phone in their hand?

In fact, it’s been said that there are more than 180 million Internet users that are watching videos each month and this number is expected to grow each year rapidly.

180 million is a whole lot of people who can get your message and learn more about your business.


Are Videos Right for Your Practice?

Video marketing is definitely ideal for any healthcare practice.

It can greatly help you market your products and services and reach out to your target audience.

If you feel that videos are not the right fit, then it’s probably because you are picturing the wrong type of marketing videos.

There are no other marketing techniques in this world that are getting a much better ROI than videos.

However, these videos are significantly varied. What will work for your business is a video that’s specific to your niche.

So start with discovering the right direction for your video marketing efforts, from the format to the budget.

In this blog, I’m going to explain the basics of creating a video, from the pre-production planning, editing, filming, publishing, and optimizing it for search engines, which is the key to growing your audience.

How to Get Started?

Successful video marketing strategies always start with careful planning.

Here are the steps you should take when creating a video marketing strategy for your healthcare practice.

  • Know Your Purpose

The first step is to determine what your main goal is and how you can connect it to your marketing goals.

For instance, if you want to grow general awareness for your healthcare practice, your videos main purpose should be to show your potential customers the standout difference between your products and services over other brands in the healthcare industry.

On the other hand, if your goal is to attract more patients by showcasing the expertise of your practitioners, then your video may include hot tips on how to treat conditions and what are the symptoms that show it’s time to see an expert.


  • Plan the Next Step

So now that you have an idea on what you should film, the next step is to determine the course of action that you want your viewers to take a right after they watch your video.

Would you want them to go to your website and find out more information about your business?

Do you want them to sign-up for your newsletter?

Do you want them to straight up book an appointment?

The call to action that you should use will mainly depend on your purpose and where the content would fit your client’s journey.

Creating Your Preproduction Plan

Below are some guidelines that can help you save time when preparing your video marketing strategy.

  • Why – Jot down the reason why you need to create the video and get the entire team involved so everything will be on the right track.
  • Who – Find out who’s going to appear on camera and who will work behind the scenes. You should also determine who’s going to do the editing and publishing and who will be in charge of promoting the video. If you’re going to film more than one video each day working with the same people, then it may be a good idea to bring more than one outfit for variety (I make sure I always have a spare shirt in the car).
  • What – This will be the “play-by-play” plan that you need to create for your video and will include the script and post-production graphics. This should also include the art direction, special effects, music, and more. Writing down a paragraph or two of the direction is all it takes to capture all the details of a marketing video for your healthcare practice.
  • Where and When – Plan the best time of the day and ensure that you get the proper lighting for each film location. Most marketing videos are done indoors, with no frills. Thus, lighting may not be a huge factor. However, you may need to schedule a particular time of the day where there’s less foot traffic in the area so there won’t be any interruption.

Live Video

Live video is a new addition to video marketing that’s easy to make, and is becoming increasingly popular.

Live videos will instantly broadcast you to social media feeds, such as Instagram and Facebook, by merely pressing a button in your tablet or smartphone.

The videos are a great way to reach out to your audience that’s channel-specific in a fun and informal format.

It also allows you to see who’s tuning in while the video is playing.

However, this shouldn’t only be your format of video marketing because it also comes with some drawbacks.

Here are the pros and cons of using Live Video for marketing:

  • Con – You have no way of correcting any mistakes made. You should be prepared to roll with whatever is going to appear in the screen.
  • Pro – Real-time engagement, allowing you to interact with users live as they view or comment on your video.
  • Con – It doesn’t come with any fancy editing features. In fact, no editing is available with live video at all. It only comes with filters depending on the social media site you’re using.
  • Pro – Reduced costs. These videos are usually created using tablets, webcams, smartphones, and usually without scripts. Therefore, you won’t need to use any fancy equipment or hire a professional software or videographer.
  • Pro – It could lead to faster results. Since there’s no need to prepare for the production, you can immediately start having an audience the moment you press the button.


Whether you are ready to opt for the DIY route or get help from some experts… or maybe do both, you have come to the right place.

Just like with most marketing techniques, a video can be a great tool for accomplishing your marketing goals. But it could also be a big waste of money and time if you do it the wrong way.

So learn as much as you can before you get started with your video marketing strategy.

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