The New Management Model

The New Management Model


Do you want to scale up your private healthcare practice into a REAL business?

One that isn’t dependent on you, that can operate without you and that has your whole team aligned and committed to achieving your collective goals?

In this episode Tristan is joined by co-host, Sarah Pappas, the Business Growth Officer of Practice Acceleration to detail what management and leadership model you need to turn your practice into a thriving company.

Listen to learn how private practices are breaking free from the shackles of stress, micromanagement, and chasing their tails to achieve practice freedom and sustainable success.


  • How to create the perfect management shape to achieve your exact goals (and free up your life in the process)
  • The meeting rhythm to install in your private practice to keep growing with speed and ensure you build a culture of peak performance (your team will absolutely love this!)
  • Why you need a scorecard of performance for everyone on your team (and how often you really do need to be providing this feedback. Spoiler alert…it’s a LOT more than you might think)
  • How lack of clarity, expectation and follow up kills growth (and what you can do to grow rapidly regardless of what roadblocks you’re facing)

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Click Here to Download the Management Model Worksheet


Check out these highlights

[2.22] Why you can only leverage by your ability to manage others and let go of control.

[7.58] The 3 things you must stand for with your management which enables the shift to go from underperforming individuals to a peak performance environment.

[14.52] Why role clarity is king and the problems you’ll encounter without clear expectations, accountability and cultural values.

[17.05] What your management model shape should look like and knowing where you sit in the chain for clarity.

[23.1] The recommended frequency of meetings and the perfect meeting structure for your business. The 5 kinds of meetings you should have – quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily.

[31.20] Why you need a company scorecard, individual scorecards for everyone on your team and exactly what you should be tracking on them as a practice owner.

[36.42] The common management mistakes that we see and how you can avoid these through keeping score and mastering your accountability structure.

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