It’s finally here! Welcome to our 50th episode! To celebrate we’re sharing the 4 Best Practice Growth Secrets of 2018. Over the past decade working with amazing practice owners, we’ve really learnt what makes them
  Jon was a hardworking, dynamic physio from Kent in the UK who was able to get phenomenal results with his patients…BUT his business was STUCK… For the past 7 years he’d been certainly been
  We love our team here at the Practice Acceleration hub and no doubt one of our favourite things is helping others build world class teams of their own. To grow a business, you need
  Feel like you’re just constantly trying to pump out social media content all the time and getting nowhere? …we’ve been there. It’s totally overwhelming! Or maybe you’re just unsure on where to start full
  We’re so excited to bring you this case study from our amazing Chiropractor client Karin from Indiana in the US. Inside this episode you’ll hear how she increased her profit by $15k US per
  I want to start off by saying the way most people run meetings is wrong. In fact, that’s the reason most practice owners don’t run meetings at all. If you’re not running any meetings
  What would happen if you stepped away from your practice to go on holiday or needed to take an extended period of leave? Some practice owners know the stress of this situation all too
Ever heard the saying culture is king?! It’s 100% true. What separates the top healthcare practices, isn’t the tactics and strategies they use, but their unbreakable culture! They have clear values, strong beliefs and get
Here at Practice Acceleration HQ we’re obsessed with new tech! Whenever something comes out we get excited about it and HAVE to test it out. We love the way a new piece of tech can
So what exactly is the lag effect? …and how is it affecting your practice!? Well the lag effect is the amount of time it takes to get results after starting or finishing an activity. Of
Part three of our Instagram series has arrived! You’re ready to put the puzzle pieces together and boost some epic content for the world to see. Instagram is in fact our new favourite platform to
Part two of our Instagram series has arrived! If you’ve been left scratching your head as to what you’re meant to post on Instagram we’re about to set the record straight. Hot tip: It’s not
Most people have heard of Instagram or might use it personally… but have you thought about how it can get new patients to your practice? Instagram is in fact our new favourite platform! In this
   If you think or you’ve ever thought that the answer to growing your practice and succeeding in business is more new patients – then this episode is going to help you. Every week
  It’s time to launch project delegate and elevate! Working for long hours and handling too much work over a long period of time will eventually start wearing you down. You can’t keep ball juggling
How do you rate yourself when it comes to marketing your practice on Facebook? It’s hands down the best way for new patients to find you and getting existing patients to engage with you. In