The Content Engine: Build Engaging Blog Content Fast

The Content Engine: Build Engaging Blog Content Fast


We all know that blogs, podcasts and videos are the perfect tools to drive traffic to your website and improve your rankings.

But what a lot of people are now discovering, is that it’s also the best way to show case your knowledge, build relationships and elevate your brand.

Content creation isn’t easy though and for most of us, it doesn’t come naturally…

..so we’ve created a short cut, a way to “hack” producing content so that you produce high quality, relevant and share worthy material to grow your health business online.

Enter the content marketing engine where you’ll learn how to build epic marketing content for your health business!

In this episode of The Practice Acceleration Podcast, we reveal our very own content marketing engine so that you can install it straight into yours.

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Check out these highlights:

[5.23] Getting clear on who your ideal patient is and how to speak to their hot buttons

[6.49] The best way to inject unique personality into blogs so you stand out for being you

[8.22] The valuable information you should be offering your audience, so they see the true transformational value in your service

[9.33] Why most people get things wrong when it comes to making offers and what you can do to ensure your offers generate new business

[11.43] Our guide to omni presence and how positioning yourself everywhere isn’t as hard as it might look

[12.43] How to use our blog writing formula and checklist to ensure your content is perfectly structured

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