Why You Should Boost Your Practice’s FB Posts Regularly

Why You Should Boost Your Practice’s FB Posts Regularly


You’ve probably heard the term “Facebook Algorithm” thrown around a fair few times…

But what does it ACTUALLY mean?

More importantly, what does it ACTUALLY mean for you as a practice owner?

Well the almighty Facebook algorithm determines which of your posts are seen on the FB news feed and by who,

Recently the algorithm underwent a few changes…you probably heard about it! (after all lots of people were grumpy about it)

You see Facebook has recently unleashed a new system looking to balance out commercial and personal content – after all FB was set up to be a social platform, not all about business.


Now the result of this change to the algorithm is the chances of your business page posts landing on people’s newsfeeds has become more and more difficult.

We’ve pretty much come to the consensus that organic reach is extremely hard to come by and it’s time to hit the boost button for some help.


Boost button?

Well using the Facebook ‘Boost Post’ option is now one of the best ways to increase your reach.

And here’s how you do it…so your practice’s posts are not only seen but buzzing with engagement and potential new patients.


So what is a Boosted Post exactly?

When you boost a post on your business page, it’s placed higher on the news feed of your audience.

You pay a certain amount for this to happen and how much you pay determines how many people will see the post.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a lot! $10 can often do the trick (more on that later).

Then there’s sponsored posts, which are similar to boosted posts, but they allow you to outright select your target audience.

Anytime you create a post on your Facebook business page you’ll see a blue boost post button below it is asking you whether you’d like your post to be boosted.

You can use this button to turn your post into a tailored ad.

This ad has options to designate your audience based on different demographic features including: age, geographic location, and interests of the individuals.

Once you have defined your audience, Facebook will be able to estimate how many people are most likely to view the post.

Anytime you boost a post like this Facebook posts it as a sponsored post – letting people who view it that it’s an ad.



Regardless, a lot more people will see your post!

This is the best approach to guarantee the eyes of more potential new patients on your page, so it’s best that you to do your research and hit a targeted group.


Why You Should Boost Facebook Posts

Pretty much everyone is on Facebook…even most practices!

So what does that mean…?

There is so much content competing on Facebook, you need to go above and beyond just to get people to view your practice’s posts.

You need to have a strategy in place that will get lots of eyeballs and engagement on your posts. After all, you’ve worked really hard on them – coming up with the idea, writing the copy & getting an image together….you want as many people as possible to ACTUALLY see it.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to boost your posts. You can spend as little as a dollar a day, and that will still generate 50 to 200 more people viewing your posts than would usually been.



Deciding Which Posts to Boost

Before you start spending lots of money on boosted posts, experiment with a little bit of money, to know what works best and who is engaging and clicking on your content.

It’s not necessary for you to boost ALL your posts – just select the best ones to boost.

The best strategy is to boost posts that already have some good levels of engagement. Think about posts that provide helpful information to your audience, show off your personality and encourage them to learn more about your practice’s services.


Do some research and focus primarily on boosting posts that your audience will find useful and engaging.

The posts that resonate more with your audience, will have more of a chance of influencing them to click through.

Then always ensure they’re relevant!.

They could be ‘evergreen’ and create awareness about your general services all year round or they can be based around specific timeframes like seasons, sales or any specific period you like such as sporting events.

Consistency mixed with some variety is a great way to ensure that your posts continually engage with audiences.

The healthcare industry is very competitive, so you need to have a versatile strategy in place to succeed.

Use these selection steps before finalizing a post to be boosted:

Step 1: Choose a post that has had engagement.

Step 2: Choose your targeting

Step 3: Choose your budget

Step 4: Choose your time frame

Step 5: Launch


In most cases, a targeted post will help to drive traffic to your website – so include a strong call to action.


Make sure that your post:

  • Specifically promotes your clinic or service that you sell
  • Leads to your website
  • Creates awareness about any promotional offers your clinic is running


Finally, it’s also important to ensure that the boosted post complies with Facebook guidelines.

Any boosted post has to be approved by Facebook and if it doesn’t adhere to their guidelines, it will get pulled down.



Set clear goals about what you expect to accomplish with Facebook ads. Most people use the boost post option because it’s easy to use and get started with, but it might not always be the best choice.

Make sure you have good marketing strategy for your social media presence in place.

If you need some more tips on getting the ball rolling when it comes to social media marketing, check out my podcast on 7 ENGAGING FACEBOOK POST IDEAS FOR PRACTICE OWNERS



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