Why You Need to Sack Your Marketing Company Immediately!

Why You Need to Sack Your Marketing Company Immediately!


It’s time for you to take control!

Do you want to take control over your new patient flow and finally be in your charge of your practice success?

In this episode Tristan is joined by co host, Sarah Pappas, the Business Growth Officer of Practice Acceleration to tell you why you need to stop wasting thousands of dollars on marketing that isn’t measurable, is out dated and quite frankly doesn’t work and what to replace with instead.

This is the controversial episode that every practice owner needs to listen to if they are to be successful in business.

Nothing is left on the table and no one is safe in this brutal assessment of today’s marketing companies.


  • Why it’s financially dangerous to outsource your practice’s marketing and what to instead that returns profits.
  • What our clients are doing to take control over their new patient flow that is delivering the best results they’ve ever received.
  • How to create your very own marketing team inside your practice so that you grow faster and make more profit.
  • The 3 steps to for you to install to take charge of your lead generation forever (doing this will make you feel more in control than you’ve ever been)


It’s time that you learnt what really goes on when you outsource your marketing and took back control.

This episode will equip you with what you need to confidently grow your practice and smash your goals.

Thank you for joining us, you’re going to love this!

Check out these highlights

[1.06] Why you are better off investing in personal education than outsourcing your marketing

[3.22] How to do a better job than any marketer by using your personality and controlling your own brand message

[5.55] The opportunity to bring your marketing in house through proven frameworks that are faster and provide confidence

[7.29] How a WA Physio got 78 new massage bookings from his first ever organic Facebook organic campaign.

[11.27] Why you as a practitioner need to learn the marketing strategies first and reinvest in your own company as the team grows

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