The Future Of Healthcare Marketing

The Future Of Healthcare Marketing


We’re excited to announce the first ever episode of The Practice Acceleration Podcast.  On this episode, you’ll learn why everything you’ve ever relied upon or been taught about growing your practice is either dead or dying a rapid death as you read this. If you don’t adapt FAST, the effect is well known to you, a new patient drought or an unreliable and unpredictable roller coaster of new patient highs and lows at best.


  • The NEW marketing system that grows your private practice on demand (and autopilot) so that you can truly enjoy being a healthcare professional to the fullest and live a life of massive personal freedom.
  • The number ONE mistake practice owners make with their digital and social media marketing and what to do to instead (hint: this may be why increasing your marketing activity isn’t resulting in more leads)
  • The secret new patient email that gets leads from your database EVERY time you send it (if you have more than 50 people on your email database, then this will BLOW your mind)
  • The new “marketing mindset” that you need to adopt to grow and succeed in today’s ultra-competitive private practice healthcare market.

Here are the FREE resources mentioned in this episode

Click Here to Download The Rapid Patient Getting System

Another Bonus for today

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Tristan's Content Marketing Model


Check out these highlights

[8.29] Why Practice Acceleration stands against old school marketing

[12.00] The 4 Online channels that you MUST be across in today’s fast moving environment

[16.51] How Grant a Physio from Sydney generated 20k from one email campaign

[24.34] How word of mouth marketing has shifted to conversations online

[28.04] The advantage of going multi-channel with your marketing

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