The 9 Minute Meeting Method

The 9 Minute Meeting Method


I want to start off by saying the way most people run meetings is wrong.

In fact, that’s the reason most practice owners don’t run meetings at all.

If you’re not running any meetings shame on you… but it’s probably because you just don’t know how.

For those practices that do, most are disorganised, have no structure or are more just like gossiping and conversing.

In this episode we reveal the fast meeting process and structure that will make sure you can jump into action with your meetings quickly and get great results.

This is the exact meeting method we use to ensure everyone is on same page and we can address any issues on the spot.

It’s time to create an incredibly powerful conversation that increases productivity, creates alignment and a powerful culture.

It’s actually not just a meeting structure – but also the way to become a powerful leader, gain respect and buy in from your team.

We hope you love this episode!

Check out these highlights:

[3.06] How to burst out of the gates within the first 30-45 seconds of your meeting by creating context.

[4.06] Why setting the flow of your meeting is vital in achieving a clear outcome.

[4.44] The perfect way to engage each member of your team individually within your meeting.

[7.00] How to pre-objection handle your teams concerns and ensure everyone is on board early.

[10.26] Why you must create action steps as direct consequences of your meeting intentions and have everyone diarise this.

[11.54] The reason you must measure performance and give feedback to ensure action steps occur.

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