I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Have you ever really stopped to think about who those 5 people are for you? This has never been more important than for those trying to grow their business in 2018. It’s tough out there, it’s easy to get stuck or caught up in the next big thing and if you don’t have the right support system behind you…things can be beyond tough. However, when you get around the right people with a common goal, the right mindset and the right resources things change FAST!

There are 5 big mistakes healthcare professionals make with online marketing You could be making them without even knowing… Let’s face it, as a health professional you’d rather be treating patients right?! And we agree, that’s where you are AMAZING. But to be able to help your clients, you need a steady stream of demand for your services…

Email marketing is STILL king! But with more people using email as a marketing tool, you need to stand out from everyone else in your inbox. Join Tristan Bond and Sarah Pappas, the strategists behind Practice Acceleration’s marketing hub in this episode as they reveal the ninja marketing hacks to 10x the response you are currently getting from your email marketing. Listen to the end and you’ll also gain access to a done for you email campaign that you can use immediately.