How You Can Use Instagram to Attract Patients to Your Practice

How You Can Use Instagram to Attract Patients to Your Practice

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Instagram, but how do you actually use it to grow your practice?

Maybe you just think it’s all a bit of hype and you can’t actually grow your practice through Instagram…

Not true!

With 800 million users worldwide (and growing), Instagram is the perfect platform to enhance your branding, show-off your personality and bring new patients to your practice.

You seriously do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

If you don’t jump on the unstoppable Instagram train, you risk falling behind the times, AND, your competition.

By taking advantage of the eye-catching visuals, content and behaviour of the modern Instagram platform you can show off your personality, expertise and engage with new prospects!

Instagram is the place to interact and engage.

So, if you ever wondered how to join the new wave, then keep reading!

These game-changing recommendations will kickstart your winning Instagram marketing strategy…

How often and when to post

Getting started is often the hardest part, but with the right strategy you’ll quickly build a strong Instagram community and start to see rapid results for your practice.

So where to begin?

The first step to a winning game plan is to get your brand out there.

Post consistently.

But that doesn’t mean randomly…

Create a content calendar and carefully pick what and when to post.

Think about times that your target audience is likely to see your posts.

After workday hours or during lunch breaks is a good starting point.

Start with 2-3 posts a day and depending on how receptive your audience becomes – eventually you could even slowly begin to increase.

Having a presence is essential.

Content themes

Keep your followers interested.

Rotate different content themes and connect with the audience on different levels.

Remember to mix up video, images and graphics to help keep it fresh.

Instagram is all about eye-catching content, visuals and engagement.

Show your personality, messages and offers in attractive ways!

Here are some of my favourite content themes:

  • How to videos
  • Hero’s journey
  • Prompting questions
  • Tips
  • Blogs
  • 60 second videos
  • Office shots

Instagram is such a versatile and engaging platform… make the most of it!


Style and engagement guidelines

Develop your own style.

Use brand guidelines for consistent fonts, colours and logos so that your practice is unique and constant for your audience.

We call this adsence.

For extra engagement you can even add distinct style elements to your advantage.

Think about how you can use emoji’s to make your captions more attractive.

Remember that Instagram has an algorithm and will place specific content into users feeds.

Find the right hashtags to include in your posts so that your content lands in the right feeds and attracts the right followers.

Strategically like and respond to comments that are relatable to your brand.

But don’t be automated. Health practices are human to human, so your interactions online should be to…

It might take a bit of time to get all this right, but once you nail it… you’ll be on trend and on-top.

Followers will love your style!

Creating a unique and popular Instagram presence is a great way to engage with new audiences and have them excited to hear all about what your practice has to offer.

To get even more info on how you can grow your Instagram status and use it to kill your marketing goals listen to my podcast series on doing exactly that!


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